Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On the news now..

Yes, ZiPhone is on CNET too..

Click HERE to see the whole video review !

I'm now working on the next version of ZiPhone.

You can see Firmware 2.0 BETA screenshots HERE.

Have fun and take care !


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  1. Dear Zibri or anybody:

    I have download the Ziphone 3.0 to my PC, I have a Iphone 1.1.4 and I want to get the installer aplication. I try several times to jailbreak my Iphone with this famous program. I leave my Itunes in my desktop and then I push Jailbreak but the program never found my device, and I also have to resotore my Iphone a few times. Please I would really like som help here. I know I'am doing something wrong.
    Thanks and Regards !!