Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All good things...

Place your bid!
It was an incredible ride, guys, and I'm sincerely grateful
to everybody who made this happen.
As some of you may know, from the 7th of November 2008 I'm a father.
All my efforts are now focused on my family then, later, I'll start some other project
maybe related with the iPhone, maybe not.
So, from now the domain (Pagerank 5 on Google) is FOR SALE.
Here's how the sale works:
Go to the donation page, donate $50 and write your buy offer in the
donation description free text field.
At the end of the sale the highest bid will get the domain.
Direct emails will not count as bids.
If by the end of the sale the maximum bid will not meet my minumum requirement,
all $50 donations will be refunded and the sale won't happen.
Sale result and winning bidder will appear on this site.
The sale will end on 20th January 2009.
If the winner won't pay the bid by the 10th of February 2009,
the 2nd higher bidder will be the winner.
There is a banner on the right side of this site.
That banner links to a site which evaluate other sites.
Bids lower than 1/3 of the "Net Worth" will be rejected.
The daily ads revenue on that site is pretty accurate.
And so is the daily pageview (average in the last months).
Happy bidding.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Boom! (Video is here!)

Ok!Time passed.People have been informed.
Now you can click on the above imageand sadly crash any iPod/iPhone.Not funny at all.But it's funny that a media playerdoes "BOOM" with a video, is it?

A longer version of this videowill also crash many pc applications.
The most funny thing ?This video was featured on an iTunes podcasta few months ago...


Monday, November 3, 2008

My virtual vote.

Well, I know, I'm european, but that
doesn't mean I can't cast my vote.
If even one of you is still undecided or
so lazy not to go vote, please do.
Just cast my own vote for this man.
I won't bore you with the reasons.
I'll just tell you that I like many aspects
of this man and I sincerely hope
he'll be up to expectations.


Here we are again!
When Steve says something it usually happens...
So what do we have here?
A video.
Yes a stupid nasty video which can crash
ANY iPod/iPhone.
A different version of this video
can even crash many pc applications.
Apple was contacted and a mail
was sent to bugtraq mailing list.
Only a Forbes journalist showed up.
You will read about it on Forbes on monday.
Later that day the video will be posted
here for further "booms"
Clicking on the picture above will bring you on
Clicking on the picture there will crash
your device.
Update: video will be posted in a few days
Forbes video is available on the video bar.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I know I'm slow :)

Photo courtesy of rat-man

I'm slow, I know.

Lately all the iPhone scene seems slow.

Even Apple is taking their time.

I'm actually focused on many projects but I'm still keeping an eye

on the iPhone world.

I'm also setting up another site which will host 'hacky' news not only iPhone related.

About 3G I still don't have it and I am happy with my 2G iPhone.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The egg of columbus.

The egg of columbus
Photo by greyhorn

Like the egg of Columbus,
sometimes the best solution
is the simpler.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Security by obscurity never worked.

Photo by seventytw0dpi

Interesting link.

Sniffing my own LAN traffic during an ipod update
I found this interesting link :)

The url asks apple for the link of ipod touch upgrades.
Inside it you will find the download link for iPod firmware.

Happy upgrading :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crash :)

iPhone Crash!
Well well..
It seems that Apple rushed 2.0 release.
A proof ?


And do the WIFI speed test many times.
It will crash your iphone after a few

Hey Apple, is that Job still vacant ? ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The 837 Key

I wonder why I am the one accused of stealing
and then NOBODY gives me the credit for what I have done.

The only 2 things I did in the iPhone scene
were to DUMP THE 837 KEY and booting from an unsigned ramdisk.
(nobody even understood what it was when
I posted it on my blog).

Now the so called "dev team" released their tool
and I see no mention of that.

George Hotz wrote a code based on dev team tool
to "execute unsigned code at dfu level"...

Look at the start of the code:

const unsigned char key837[]={0x18,0x84,0x58,0xA6,0xD1,0x50,0x34,0xDF,0xE3,0x86,0xF2,0x3B,0x61,0xD4,0x37,0x74};

That is the key I dumped.
Without it NO TOOL could ever be possible.

That's why I called it a "major breakthru" at that time.

That key also made it possible to decrypt the ramdisk and
create a custom one.

Now if you remember I have always credited people
(george hotz for his unlock based on gray's work and
many members of iphone-elite that now are calling
themselves "dev team").

Now I won't say anyone stole anything.
But these are the FACTS.

Dev team did an impressive team work this time
and even if I don't personally like the tool I see
no other way to do things on 2.0.
(If I'll see one I'll tell you) :)

The same people accusing me
of "stealing" didn't EVER credit me for what
I've done.

And I repeat for who wasn't
reading at that time:
no ZiPhone (iLiberty/iPlus) could
ever be existed without the ramdisk
exploit I found and
no "pwns" without the 837 key.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Photo courtesy of bez.brige

Talks, lies, haters, fans.
I'm sick of this!
This is not a war and not even a game.
I originally developed ZiPhone for my own use.
Then people asked me to release it and I did.
I bought my first iPhone in Semptember 2007.
I released ZiPhone in February 2008.
I know you people are crazy about the iPhone
but believe me, I am not.
I think the 3g iPhone is not worth even buying
for people who already have the
first generation iPhone.
GPS ? I have a TomTom Go device.
3G data ? I have a 7.2 Mb/s card
in my laptop.
Apps ?
I have my iPhone.
Everything else ?
I have my life !

IF and WHEN there will be a new
ZiPhone you will be informed.
Stop asking, hating, begging.
By the way,
maybe you don't know the difference,
but ZiPhone was a real hack.
Software upgrades or custom firmwares
are a totally different thing.
A nice proof of concept, a nice work, but
that's not hacking..
But if that will ever be released
and that suits your needs,
use it. You'll be (hopefully) happy.

Another note:
I'm being reported of many people
faking me on many blogs and sites.
Check the profile (if there's one).
And don't take as gold any word from me that
you don't read here !

To any hacker out there:
FACTS speaks louder than words.

Peace out,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Device Failsafe Utility (or Device Firmware Upgrade)


The device failsafe utility
(or Device firmware upgrade as someone says),
better known as DFU
it's a failsafe basic (and quite trivial) bootloader
present on the iPhone.
This is the weak point of the iPhone 2G and
hopefully 3G.
This post maybe means nothing to you,
but before anyone will say I copied/robbed anything
just remember you read it here first.
I will not release anything tomorrow.
And I strongly suggest
not to upgrade itunes nor the iPhone.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well, well...

iPod Firmware 2.0

Well, here I am still...
The picture above is not a fake.
It's not even a major breakthru but it's something.
I am glad to tell you anyhow that 2.0
firmware works pretty well on my iPod 32gb.
All features are enabled.
To install it from windows (or mac) you need
a special beta version of itunes.
Unless you want to loose installer
and all third party apps I strongly suggest you
NOT TO UPGRADE (both iPod both iPhone).
To downgrade the iPod you will need
to uninstall iTunes 7.7 and reinstall 7.5.
Then you will need to put the iPod in DFU mode
and do a full restore back to 1.1.4 (and use ZiPhone)
to have back Installer and all goodies.
With the iPhone it's more complicated
because you will also need to
downgrade the baseband.
I already have a very preliminary version
of the new ZiPhone which will allow that.

As of today you will have 2 choices:
1) Believe in the community and don't upgrade to 2.0
2) Say goodbye to Installer and freedom and upgrade.

Stay tuned :)

More screenshots are available here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It would be so simple..

Photo by haggischick

Nokia acquired Symbian willing to opensource it.
Openmoko is readying the open phone.
Now I know Apple will never listen to this,
but with a simple move Apple could wipe all
competitors off the smartphone scene.
One of my favourite quotes is:
"Freedom is not 'choosing between black and white',
but to avoid such predetermined choice."
There are only a few slight adjustments to
Apple's plans needed to own the market.
Too bad they don't really seem
interested to listen.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm worried.

I'm worried.
What can seem a nice feature is something
really dangerous.
Not allowing background processes
and forcing everything to pass thru the
Apple Push Notification Server
is something Orwell already imagined.
Think about all your data
flowing through Apple and you will start
to get the big picture.
Add to that mobileme, another big brother
keeping everything about you.
Now, this would be nice if it were an optional
feature. But it's not.
It's the only way.
With the iPhone, Apple is showing they
want to keep control of everything.
I hope the industry will take a different
path and won't emulate them.
Every day I'm getting more interested
in google android and more open softwares/firmwares.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Here we go :)

At least!
Now who will be the fastest
to send me one to start testing ?
It appears that firmware 2.0 won't
be available today. Fortunately.
It also appears I got right
almost all my predictions:
colours, no front cam.
I wasn't sure (as anyone else) about the GPS presence
till the last moment, but in the article
I wrote for the italian magazine Panorama
I also got the shape and 3G hsdpa
I am ready to start working on it as
soon as someone will provide me one.
As usual, I'll keep you posted here.

I am warning you..


Shortly after WWDC 2008,
a new itunes version will be available
for download on the apple site.
Along with that a 2.0 firmware upgrade
will be soon available.
Do not upgrade!
If you want to have fun with
your iPhone, wait for all devs to be ready.
That won't happen today.
But soon.
I'll start working on new releases as soon
as they are released.
I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

7.2 Megabit/s !!!


This will be the "heart" of the new iPhone 3G!
It features a category 8 HSDPA connection
for a top speed of 7.2 Mb/s over the air.
Details are HERE
The main iPhone CPU will remain unchanged
as expected.
Stay tuned for further informations.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

GPS or not GPS...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From the iPhone2 patent it seems likely that
Apple at last included an embedded GPS.
Informations are anyhow confusing
and I don't feel like confirming it as a fact.
We will see.

I don't really care since I have my
fellow TomTom device. ;)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Les jeux sont faits

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
The patents for the iPhone2 (and firmware 2.0) are out.
As you can see from the images above, FLASH and
WindowsMedia content will be finally supported.
In figure 53D you can also see how the
new welcome screen will look like.
Again there is nothing in the patent about
an embedded GPS (as I previously said).
External bluetooth GPS will be supported and
managed by the "locationd" daemon.
You can browse the patent HERE.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're near..don't panic!

We're near to the event everyone is expecting.
As soon as the final 2.0 version will be out
I will start working on it.
Shortly after receiving my 3G iPhone
I will also start working on it.
If you upgrade before I say so, please don't
come here crying for help.
It will also be useless to upgrade to 2.0 until
all developers will recompile and test their applications.
If you speak italian you might want to
(check the second Panorama link)

Keep donating if you want ZiPhone to be free.
Till now, only 1/1000 donated.
And I hereby thank whoever did or helped
this project (like the translators).

Friday, May 2, 2008

Still bored :)

I'm done with the last beta.
Since Apple is going to release a new itunes version
for 2.0 to work I will have to rewrite ZiPhone
to support the new mobiledevice framework.
In other words: don't expect a new ZiPhone version
shortly after the official 2.0 release.
It will take some time to rewrite and to fully test it.
But as you can see from the above screenshots,
don't worry... The 'hacking' work has been
done already. Now the 'easy to use' part will need
some time.

Keep checking this site for further updates.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

The worst is yet to come... :)

Photo courtesy of [Magda]lena

In the past few days I have been busy disassembling
and analyzing what we could call a "gold" 2.0 firmware.
I say gold because it's expiration date is the
4th of June so all features are there already.
Well 2.0 will not have MMS, not have cut & paste,
no new applications (guess why!). So, aside from exchange
support and appstore what did they change ? I'll tell you: security !
Yes, Apple tightened iPhone security (their security not yours)
a new crypto algo has been introduced
(and promptly defeated as expected).
No more "8900" files but IMG3. Firmware 2.0 will require
a new iTunes version and a new "mobiledevice" framework.
If it were for me I would not even bother to hack this version
but I know many of you are going to upgrade so I will release
a new ziphone version after the official release.
I already patched activation (lockdownd)
and unlock / Fake IMEI (baseband firmware).
To fully test this version I will need a Mac (I don't have one yet)
and thanks to the help of forum
I will probably have one soon.

About the 3G iPhone:
The 3G iPhone will share almost the same firmware
of the actual iPhone, so, again, no big news.
I wish the community could react to all this and start
developing on the actual firmware version but I know
that will not happen.
I am getting bored lately but even
if I received a big proposal to acquire ziphone
I will not let you down.
Please stop complaining about your bricked phone
if you used other methods.
And keep donating if you want this project to live.

Take care and have fun!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Logo contest !

Photo by fatw

Do you want to contribute ?

Here's how:

Design a SIMPLE logo for ZiPhone !
(hint: an iced Z would be nice)

A "Z" ... nothing can be simpler :)

Forget about Zorro.
Send your logo to ziphoneorg AT gmail DOT com

Express yourself.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

ZiPhone on italian TV..

First intervew on italian TV.

Direct YouTube link is HERE

Thanks to Anguizzz for subtitles.

Thanks to you all for support !



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On the news now..

Yes, ZiPhone is on CNET too..

Click HERE to see the whole video review !

I'm now working on the next version of ZiPhone.

You can see Firmware 2.0 BETA screenshots HERE.

Have fun and take care !


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

3G Evidence !

Click on the picture to enlarge

Well this was found inside the latest beta.
If that's not enough for you to understand,
I'll clarify it:
There is a new iPhone coming *very soon*.
The new iPhone will have Infineon's SGOLD3 (PMB8878 or PMB8877)
chip in it's baseband.
Google can maybe help you to get more details.
Stay tuned :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

ZiPhone 3.0 Zorro is Back ! :)

Hello there !
Here you have the latest ZiPhone version !
This version has many new features !
Don't forget to read the README.txt and the
As usual it is better to use ziphone on a
restored iPhone, but you can also just
run ziphone -j to add the plugin support.
Now it's up to you all and your fantasy!
Because the plugin system can just do
EVERYTHING you can imagine.
If you think your app or your system mod
should be used by everyone, contact me
and I could include it as a default
in the next release.
Namaste !

Thursday, March 20, 2008


After all it's all about money.

ADSENSE robbed all the money in the adsense account

gained in ONE MONTH of advertising on this site.

No reason given.

No explainations.

No nothing.

$4000 in advertising (thanks to YOUR support)

just vanished.

Well, I don't really care so much about money

I am not even selling ZiPhone but I wanted you all

to know what's happening.

I'm disgusted.

Friday, March 14, 2008

ZiPhone 2.6b RELEASED ! (ipod fix!)

Photo by WisDoc

Ok then.. running previous versions

of ZiPhone on an iPod, somebody messed up

the NVRAM... Not a problem really! :)

Get the new version and click on CLEAR/FIX NVRAM.

Then after reboot click on the IPOD jailbreak.

Enjoy !

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Touchdown !

Photo by MLA 2.0

As promised, here you go !
For the jailbreak to work you have to
restore to 1.1.4 before running ziphone.
45 seconds of ZiPhone and you are done !
I tested it on my 32gb iPod.
I told you I would not let you down :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Unitil I will receive my iPod...

While you and I are waiting for the iPod touch to be delivered to me,

Here you have a working and tested solution.

As I thought, ZiPhone works with iPods but

it will need a little adjustment only.

In the meanwhile have fun and

look at the language bar !

There are new languages !



Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hello There !!! :D

Hello there !

I was browsing the online users and....
I wish to personally say hello to whoever is now
browsing my site from Cupertino!
We could conquer the world, you know?
If you would just listen to me.

By the way, I hereby want everyone to know I am not an enemy.
I love the iPhone, I really like many things Apple did.
I also have maximum respect for what the
"pirates of silicon valley" did in the past.

Steve, Bill, Woz and Paul you made this world a better place.
Expecially you, Steve, you dared to think differently,
but you didn't change that in the last 20 years...

Let me tell you that NOW is the moment to
think different again. Care to listen ?
( If you don't I'll call Bill :P )


Sunday, March 2, 2008

New languages in language bar!

Since many people are now visiting this site
I think it would be nicer to read it in your own language.
Look at the top of this page.. there are some little flags..
Each of them will bring you in a localized site.
Every day we have more translators and more languages.
Klingon language is still missing :)
But we are ready with almost all languages.
Keep checking the flags!
Their number will increase!
Version 2.5c of ZiPhone is released.
It should now be perfect.
Stay tuned for more news, music, art and everything
else that will come to my crazy mind.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

That's for you Dmitry !

I have been told that Dmitry is a big iPhone fan..
Well.. I'm not politically set on ANY party but
he has a really funny face in this pic.

So for all russians and to my virtual friend Dmitry
here you have the russian ziphone site !
As usual all donations on russian site
will go to the site maintainer.

Friday, February 29, 2008

ZiPhone 2.5... WoW !!!!!!!

Photo by Steph M.

ZiPhone 2.5 is now on download site for
you all to enjoy.
I decided to release it for everyone since MANY
are helping supporting sponsors.
And it would not have been fair to them.
I suggest you to do a restore to 1.1.4
not an update. Because installer keeps old
installed apps in it's cache and you would have problems.
Hoping people at nullriver software resolve that soon.
After restore to 1.1.4, just use "ziphone -Z Y" or the first
button on GUI versions.

Have fun !
And thanks to everyone for supporting and caring!

Stay tuned ! More interesting things are coming up on this site!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The world on a string (of text) !

Photo courtesy of hotnacho is proud to release the first 5
localized sites!

Thanks to the "non-work-all-fun" of talented people
and the great coordination done by Tissy
they are finally ready for you to enjoy.

As usual all donations on localized sites
will directly go to the site maintainers.
(the youngest is only 14! an amazing kiddie!!)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


ZiPhone will soon work with 1.1.4.

But I need to FULLY test it and
do a few

In the meanwhile, enjoy the KEY :)

Stay tuned.

People who donated will receive the next version a day before everyone else.

Expect a new version in 2 days (3 days for non-donors) :P

ZiPhone IS and will always be FREE.
NOTE: If you have a contract and activation
you can ALREADY use ziphone to jailbreak
and install applications on 1.1.4 !

Monday, February 25, 2008

Italian site READY !

Photo taken by Zibri himself during the italian tour !

Here we go !
More languages to come shortly.
Go and see it and donate!
Money donated on the italian site goes
directly to the translator and manager.
And thank her !

Saturday, February 23, 2008

While you wait...

While you wait, let me entertain you
with something particular...
This short movie has been written and directed
by Andrea Saraceni, a very talented
italian scriptwriter and director.
I liked that from the first time I saw it (years ago).
I hope you will enjoy it as I do.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I can almost TOUCH it...

As I stated many times, ZiPhone was not even intended for
the iTouch. But you know...they are so similar...
The "problem" with 1.1.3 iTouch is that the bootloader
is a little different. Yesterday I had the time to disassemble it.
20 minutes later I found exactly what I expected and where I expected it to be.
Allow me some more tests to make you totally safe.
And expect news soon.
maybe I was too tired.. nothing seems proving it doesn't work.
So I took some of the donated money and ordered a 32gb Touch.
It will be here in a few days...
I'll keep you posted as usual..

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The return of the GUI !

Enjoy the official windows GUI !
Frederick from joined me to offer you
an even better ZiPhone !
I also modified the download page.
Thanks to KoSoVar for hosting
Support him too !
(ads and donate on that page go directly to him!)
Check the archive for a RUSSIAN manual and a few infos :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

And I swear I will do no harm...

In the picture: Robert Picardo (voyager holographic doctor)

Some facts:

  • ZiPhone never bricked an iPhone not even during first personal tests.

  • ZiPhone actually repaired many previously bricked iPhones.

  • 99% of "bugs" I have been reported are for the same reason.

  • ZiPhone never touches internal security data. -i option just fakes them.

You can restore the phone to "refurbished" state just issuing:
ziphone -e

then ziphone -D and do a full restore to any os. (thieves, you are warned!)

Some common mistakes:

iTunes should not be killed. ZiPhone is against violence :)
and just ignores it and it's helper.

OSX users often have vmware running.
ZiPhone and iTunes must run on the same OS.
When doing a full restore with -D option, set
the phone as a new phone in iTunes and sync back
your data. That's the most common mistake.
The reason: data backed up from previous
jailbroken iPhones is wrong for a real 1.1.3 OS.
When you open Installer for the first time,
refresh sources, then install BSD Subsystem
from the System category before installing anything else !
About the "low space issue", there is a utility
you can find in Installer that can move the
application directory to the second iPhone
partition thus allowing you to have has many
application your brain could bear :)
If you want to have the Z icon back after deleting,
there is a 'secret' option that restores only the icon
hint: it was meant for test)
The options of ZiPhone are case sensitive! I did that
on purpose to allow people to focus before issuing
commands and read the usage.

Enough said for now,

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ZiPhone 2.4 (Your best friend!)

Even easier than before !
This for you wonderful people !
Thanks for your support, friendship, and everything
you are doing for me and this community !
The blazing FAST download site
was kindly offered by KoSoVaR !

Saturday, February 16, 2008

ZiPhone 2.3 OSX Version Finally fixed !

Thanks to the efforts of pendor and the beta test of "foofighte"
The OSX version of ZiPhone 2.3 is fixed !

Photo courtesy of floridapfe