Sunday, February 17, 2008

ZiPhone 2.4 (Your best friend!)

Even easier than before !
This for you wonderful people !
Thanks for your support, friendship, and everything
you are doing for me and this community !
The blazing FAST download site
was kindly offered by KoSoVaR !


  1. how come when i try to got to all it says is please help me

  2. I unlocked my iphone 1g using Ziphone and the unlock worked successfully but when I put in my AT&T sim card my phone does not recognize the sim card. I see 4 dots and after some time it says no service. Could some one please tell me how to get the AT&T service back on my Iphone..I see Installer and Zibris Blog on my home page and I got a message after I ran Ziphone Do It All that my iphone is unlocked successfully. if you know how to solve this problem please email me to