Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ZiPhone Updated !

ZiPhone has been updated.

Version is still 1.0 (beta)..

OSX version is BACK !
(You will have to use the included MobileDevice.framework on some osx versions)

ZiPhone v1.0 by Zibri. http://zibree.blogspot.com/
Source code available at: http://www.iphone-elite.org/

Usage: ziphone [-u] [-a] [-j] [-i imei]
-u: Unlock (Only for 4.6 BL)
-a: Activate
-j: Jailbreak
-i: Change imei (Only for 4.6 BL)
-v: Verbose boot (debug)
-e: iErase BL 3.9 baseband

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