Thursday, February 7, 2008

The truth is out there...

I'm tired to hear bullshits.
What you are about to read is an "internal" document of the "dev team".
Read it carefully and LEARN how they do things.
And still they call it cooperation... lol!
Then there are their clowns: people like aCujo, sunnyDlite on the first line, then all the other "fans"..
People writing things like:
[17:41] -aCujo- I am impersonating Zibri
[17:41] -aCujo- trying to get him a bad reputation lol
[17:44] -aCujo- you guys should see the bullshit I'm feeding over on tux-irc as Zibri
[17:45] -aCujo- and I'm not capitalizing my 'i's as him.. just to make it more
belivable lol. Zibri is too lazy to capitalize his 'I's
Now.. ok.. enough with this childs.
Here you have the document.
It's dated a month ago.
Now, forget all this bullshits and try to have some fun in real life!

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