Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well i did this test:

1) entered DFU (black screen) mode.
2) fully restored to 1.1.3.
3) shutdown the phone and reboot.
4) run: ziphone -a -j -u from command line (latest archive)

The phone rebooted after 2 minutes.
Everything is ok.
Youtube works.

1) open installer.
2) update community sources.
3) goto System category and install BSD Subsystem.
4) in System category install openssh as well.

My pc is running windows XP sp2 with all patches.
Itunes 7.5 (completely uninstall itunes 7.6 ) then install 7.5 (i think 7.4.3 will work too)

And of course the latest archive of ziphone.
Unzip it in a directory.
1) open command prompt
2) cd to that directory
3) ziphone -a -j -u

Do not close itunes after restore.
Do not touch it's window.
Just wait 2 minutes.

When a new version of ZiPhone comes out,
delete the old version (the whole directory)
And use the new archive.
ZiPhone and zibri.dat must be of the same archive.

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  1. Zibri, first, thank you so much for your work. now a question: i restored to version 1.1.4 and used ziphone to unlock and activate. internet seems to work fine withou sim card except that wheni want to open a you tube video, it says "cannot connect to you tube". i have tried unstalling Tweaks 1.1.4 "you tube activator" (without sim using my internet) but it doesnt seems to work. i read sthg about having the original sim card which i dont. ive jsut bought the phone. what can i try???