Sunday, February 3, 2008


Some words about iPhone-Elite Team:
Once upon a time, me, viper, tifel and ortner decided to create this community.
Our task: gather iphone skilled people to improve our little devices.
Then many other people offered to help.
And many skilled people (and curious people too) joined our channels and forums.
People like: bgm, Fred_, chris, Turbo were the first to join.
Then other offered services like irc bots (billyboy) irc servers (acujo) and other commodities.
Then the problems started: people like acujo an billyboy started playing gods on irc channels.
We all tolerated all that... but the line now has been crossed.
So we start again from scratch.
Hoping to find better people and to create a nice community.
The reference site is
Please note: .COM is a FAKE. The real IPHONE-ELITE site is the one above.
IRC channel #iphone-dev on
No drama, more fun, please. :)

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