Monday, February 11, 2008

ZiPhone !

Redownload file. NEW OPTION to ierase 3.9 bl basebands!
(This time i removed osx version because it still doesn't work)
Well.. I think that's enough testing... here you have ZiPhone !
It's by far the most simple program to setup your iPhone.
Just run it and you will see it.
Windows + OSX versions !
The source IS available at
The latest version of ZiPhone is always available at:

Details on how it works and WHY it works, will be released on the above site or wiki.
No 'dev-team' was directly involved with this work.
This program is based on the work of everyone who
believed in free software. (Thanks for the toolchain!)
Thanks to geohot for his latest work.
Thanks to Tissy for moral support.
Thanks to for support.
Thanks to Viper and Tifel and ortner for being so nice always.
Thanks to iRev for the picture above and to Mel Brooks for
producing and directing such a funny movie.
And thanks to for giving me so many laughs too :)
As a side-effect, using this tool will revive many 'dead' basebands.
Just use the unlock option.
boot the phone in recovery mode.
then run: ziphone -u


  1. Hi!
    I used ziphone once for my iphone on a macOS and it worked. teh problem now (and I know I shouldn't have done this) is that I updated by mistake my iphone to the 2.0 version and now it doesn't work at all. not even for emergency calls. I tried to restore it via iTunes but since the only option is "update and restore" it takes me back where I am right now. Is there any way to restore the iphone?

  2. hey zibri
    I'm making a tool to help with jailbreaking and I was wondering can ziphote put a 2.0 iPod/iPhone into dfu mode? If so what's the command and can I use it in my program? With credit going to you of course. Thanks, Gatzy118

  3. hi can any body tell me the best english network to be on with a hacked iphone for the best internet 3g and wifi
    P.S sorry if this is the wrong place to leave this if it is please inform me of a better place
    thank yall