Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Update ! (fixed)

OSX version fixed. (Thanks to pendor)

WINDOWS GUI: added (thanks to mlk)


  1. i need help. ive just got my new iphone on the mail. supposely jailbroken (by ijailbrake) and running 1.1.4. with installer aplication included. when i first connect the phone to the power, shows the iphone logo followed by the itunes logo (with usb logo) and keeps repeating! i can turn it off and on but does that all the time. what went wrong? how can i solve this problem? am i forced to reinstalled the software 1.1.4 from itunes (locking the phone again)?
    thanks in advance

  2. i suggest Tango,

    that you do a complete restore on your phone. yes, that's through iTunes. but once that's done, run ziphone and do an unlock. easy breezy

  3. You guys doing good job