Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cat & Mouse

Yes, Apple and iPhone hackers are like them.
I've never seen Jerry asking for donations or delaying
an "exploit" because it is supposedly not ready.
The only way to be a step ahead is to openly cooperate.
So, if you think you can do something, come on IRC
on #iphone and #iphone-dev on server
And please, STOP asking for unlocks and start learning
everything you can about the iPhone.
Oh and by the way, GRAY succeeded in downgrading 4.6 BL a MONTH AGO.
They named the exploit Jerry but nobody saw the cheese :)
Sorry to say this, but in this cat & mouse game, the CAT is going to win
in the long distance. Why? Because only a global effort could eventually do something.
If i really had to choose a "team" I would choose Tom's.
At least they are professionals who worked hard and fast
and created a product we all love.
And they were coherent enough to ask for money and not for donations :)

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