Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crash :)

iPhone Crash!
Well well..
It seems that Apple rushed 2.0 release.
A proof ?


And do the WIFI speed test many times.
It will crash your iphone after a few

Hey Apple, is that Job still vacant ? ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The 837 Key

I wonder why I am the one accused of stealing
and then NOBODY gives me the credit for what I have done.

The only 2 things I did in the iPhone scene
were to DUMP THE 837 KEY and booting from an unsigned ramdisk.
(nobody even understood what it was when
I posted it on my blog).

Now the so called "dev team" released their tool
and I see no mention of that.

George Hotz wrote a code based on dev team tool
to "execute unsigned code at dfu level"...

Look at the start of the code:

const unsigned char key837[]={0x18,0x84,0x58,0xA6,0xD1,0x50,0x34,0xDF,0xE3,0x86,0xF2,0x3B,0x61,0xD4,0x37,0x74};

That is the key I dumped.
Without it NO TOOL could ever be possible.

That's why I called it a "major breakthru" at that time.

That key also made it possible to decrypt the ramdisk and
create a custom one.

Now if you remember I have always credited people
(george hotz for his unlock based on gray's work and
many members of iphone-elite that now are calling
themselves "dev team").

Now I won't say anyone stole anything.
But these are the FACTS.

Dev team did an impressive team work this time
and even if I don't personally like the tool I see
no other way to do things on 2.0.
(If I'll see one I'll tell you) :)

The same people accusing me
of "stealing" didn't EVER credit me for what
I've done.

And I repeat for who wasn't
reading at that time:
no ZiPhone (iLiberty/iPlus) could
ever be existed without the ramdisk
exploit I found and
no "pwns" without the 837 key.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Photo courtesy of bez.brige

Talks, lies, haters, fans.
I'm sick of this!
This is not a war and not even a game.
I originally developed ZiPhone for my own use.
Then people asked me to release it and I did.
I bought my first iPhone in Semptember 2007.
I released ZiPhone in February 2008.
I know you people are crazy about the iPhone
but believe me, I am not.
I think the 3g iPhone is not worth even buying
for people who already have the
first generation iPhone.
GPS ? I have a TomTom Go device.
3G data ? I have a 7.2 Mb/s card
in my laptop.
Apps ?
I have my iPhone.
Everything else ?
I have my life !

IF and WHEN there will be a new
ZiPhone you will be informed.
Stop asking, hating, begging.
By the way,
maybe you don't know the difference,
but ZiPhone was a real hack.
Software upgrades or custom firmwares
are a totally different thing.
A nice proof of concept, a nice work, but
that's not hacking..
But if that will ever be released
and that suits your needs,
use it. You'll be (hopefully) happy.

Another note:
I'm being reported of many people
faking me on many blogs and sites.
Check the profile (if there's one).
And don't take as gold any word from me that
you don't read here !

To any hacker out there:
FACTS speaks louder than words.

Peace out,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Device Failsafe Utility (or Device Firmware Upgrade)


The device failsafe utility
(or Device firmware upgrade as someone says),
better known as DFU
it's a failsafe basic (and quite trivial) bootloader
present on the iPhone.
This is the weak point of the iPhone 2G and
hopefully 3G.
This post maybe means nothing to you,
but before anyone will say I copied/robbed anything
just remember you read it here first.
I will not release anything tomorrow.
And I strongly suggest
not to upgrade itunes nor the iPhone.

Stay tuned.