Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The 837 Key

I wonder why I am the one accused of stealing
and then NOBODY gives me the credit for what I have done.

The only 2 things I did in the iPhone scene
were to DUMP THE 837 KEY and booting from an unsigned ramdisk.
(nobody even understood what it was when
I posted it on my blog).

Now the so called "dev team" released their tool
and I see no mention of that.

George Hotz wrote a code based on dev team tool
to "execute unsigned code at dfu level"...

Look at the start of the code:

const unsigned char key837[]={0x18,0x84,0x58,0xA6,0xD1,0x50,0x34,0xDF,0xE3,0x86,0xF2,0x3B,0x61,0xD4,0x37,0x74};

That is the key I dumped.
Without it NO TOOL could ever be possible.

That's why I called it a "major breakthru" at that time.

That key also made it possible to decrypt the ramdisk and
create a custom one.

Now if you remember I have always credited people
(george hotz for his unlock based on gray's work and
many members of iphone-elite that now are calling
themselves "dev team").

Now I won't say anyone stole anything.
But these are the FACTS.

Dev team did an impressive team work this time
and even if I don't personally like the tool I see
no other way to do things on 2.0.
(If I'll see one I'll tell you) :)

The same people accusing me
of "stealing" didn't EVER credit me for what
I've done.

And I repeat for who wasn't
reading at that time:
no ZiPhone (iLiberty/iPlus) could
ever be existed without the ramdisk
exploit I found and
no "pwns" without the 837 key.



  1. Ziphone for the world!

    100 % behind you


  2. Well done, you're almost right... But remember that you are basicly working for yourself and you haven't got any copyright on your work...
    That's the worse thing in all this..
    You give us but there will be someone who just takes and don't even say "thank you"...
    But I really trust you and no one else!
    I've got my old 1.1.4 broken by your mac version of ziphone and I will keep the old 1.1.4 untill you, and I mean you, will give us the new software.
    Zibri, I know I'm just one and there are millions of people with there I phones just waiting for anyone who could get them the oportunity to upgrade to 2.0 , but I am waiting you, cause I trust you!
    Cheers! Chris (Sorry for my english but I'm italian so... You know... Sometimes it gets hard to expres in other languages :D)

  3. I see...
    I see...
    okay, cool, thanks for letting us know all this Zi..

    to be honest with you, all you need to do is forget about the damn "dev team"

    I got my own reason to call them stupid! bcoz they are absolutely unprofessional, look at the BLOG! look at the way they TALK, I can do better than that!

    you are one man show
    they are a team with big balloon faces

    no jokes, just be realistic and accept that, the post they done about you on their blog was 100% crap and unacceptable from bunch of hackers!

    I will not do POWANG MOVANG on my iPhone if that has to keep me alive, I just wait for you or just use my 3G as normal and my first on with Ziphone 1.1.4

    big up for yourself and just relax, clones are every where...
    Enjoy yourself Zi

  4. u should put more donation and sponsor links on the site... did u quit ur job yet and live off donations? greedy fucking italian bastard

  5. No body reads README file especiall CREDITS section. People only use easiest unlock solution. It's only the unlocking software (ZiPhone, iPlus, iLiberty, WinPwn etc..) which makes people famous. You are already famous, stop thinking about credits and go for real unlock.

    HATS OFF to all those who are involved in unlocking scene.


  6. I'd say all this mess is a waste! Not that Zibri doesn't have to be credited as anyone else for his/her work. Combine forces both of you not let any divide & conquer policy divide you. The funny thing is that in this case the D&C is intrinsic from both teams. I really credit you both for releasing to us the mere mortals tools for a free phone; and i thank you both for that. However, let's all imagine what could be accomplished if you'd combined forces :-)

  7. "...and even if I don't personally like the tool I see
    no other way to do things on 2.0.
    (If I'll see one I'll tell you) :)"

    So....this is means that ....WE WON´T SEE THE NEXT ZIPHONE for the 2.0 firm?

    i didnt pwned my iphone, ´cause i don´t like the pnwage tool...i´ll be waiting for you....and if you dont have solution, i won´t change to 2.0 never!


  8. Dude, I feel you. You started everything and now are getting betrayed. I know many, many, many people that would wait for you. The reason that many of these people left you was because they don't think you are going to produce a new ZiPhone anytime soon. They are just idiots who can't wait and must have 2.0 and the iPhone 3G immediately. I'm going to wait for ZiPhone. Number 1 because it's so easy to use. Number 2 because its available for Windows. Number 3 The iPhone Dev Team takes much more time to create stupid videos and less to test their software(bugfixes after the first day). I'm waiting for you and I hope you release the next ZiPhone promptly. Thanks.

  9. Although I am not deep into the subject, I remember clearly when you first mentioned the key. The way you introduced it was too great to forget. A too rarely credited step for you but… That was pure Hope on the first time, but then so much more. Thank you !

  10. OT
    Complimenti per l'Adagio di Samuel Barber.
    Prova ad ascoltare The Lark Ascending di Ralph Vaughan Williams.
    Oppure Greensleeves sempre dello stesso autore....

  11. Zibri, I, as the last guy, actually do appreciate the work and dedication you have put into the "jailbreak". Although I have now purchased you download (and dispite finding that it is the 2.5 version, and yet i had previously already got the v3) I have no problem with paying you for it, without people like you, tech-twits like myself would not be able to benefit from modern technology, which is otherwise limited to a selct few (descriminatory). So in conclusion yes you do deserve recognition for the information you reasearched, and all those out there who are dis'in you, well, they just need to get a life to get over their own petty little insecurities (as they didn't get there first). Good work mate, and don't let the B***ards get you down.

  12. Zi, I use ziphone to jailbreak my ipod touch, it was very easy. your work is really great and I think most of the poeple who are a litle bit into this know this.

    So, thanks for your work. you do a great job.

  13. Zibri,

    I'm from Mexico, before Ziphone was released, I was able to jailbrake my 1.1.2 OTB trying several metods, when al last I saw your work I restored to factory and use Zipone, your tool rules, easy to use, foolproof, evem my child is able to jalibrake and unlock iPhones to his friends (he is 9), as Sacdallgo said, lots of people (Millions) trust no one but you and your tool, we all give credit to your work and believe in you, and we all are stil in 1.1.4 waiting and supporting you, yo have posted the FACTS of the real truth, you have it posted since you discovered it, so let them talk, i think they just want you to be distracted so desperate ones go and use their tool so they have more quorum, ZIPHONE is as for much the best and better tool ever made for iPhone. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S.

    We'll (and I think this will talk for millions), keep waiting for your update. al least I'm not on a hurry to run to 2.0 so, keep relaxing at that beautiful river, relax, think a lot, and then come back, we'll be waiting.

    Regards Zib

  14. You both created something not-for-profit. To help unlock the iPhone and allow users to choose who they want to use it with and not be locked into a shitty contract/install apps. For that and all the contributions that all parties have done, it's awesome and you deserve any donations that you've been given.

    However, stop bitching about it and if it is really bothering you do something about it. You replying back with retorts trying to justify why you should be vindicated isn't doing anything to help.

    I've been following both parties back and forth slagging of each other and since I'm not involved, nor have the tech background to begin to understand most of the things, I am not judging either.

    Just don't let this turn into a preschool hissy fit.

  15. you said... a hacker proves them self with actions not words but all i have seen the last few days is you ranting on

  16. Well i have witness that true.. you where the one who post it ..
    I remember..

    Relax, enjoy life you deserve it and if you want to share with the world.. the tool you have done..

    You are very welcome..
    You know WE are here..

    Take it easy..

    A big hug from the world.. to you.. ^Z


  17. As a developer myself I understand what it feels not been given credit fot what you are done.
    But seriously, this time you are measuring / putting your self at the same level of an immature bunch of kids, and you are not an immature kid, so leave that war! No matter what they say or do, what YOU DO is the important thing! The words are meaningless in a storm. But what you do is the real matter.
    So, you should be living your life in peace without worring about anybody say about you or your work.
    May be you should analize why you care so much been credited. If the code really is opensource, then you shouldn´t worry for been credited!
    Please don´t hate me and listen to the song I sent you! ;)

  18. the software made by dev-team is COMPLETLY complicated to use. Ziphone is the best and the easiest way of unlocking iPhones! Please zibri, make the ziphone for FW 2.0, please!!! you are the best, and fuck the rest!

    I'm sorry if my english is not good because I'm from Brazil :D

  19. Once again bro, you are defending yourself against accusers. Make it the last time you have to justify what you do. It takes away time for you to think and be creative on the 2.0 jailbreak. I "PWN" my phone and it freaked out (1st gen). I Ziphoned it and it worked perfectly with "NO" problems. I am selling it 8GB 1.1.4 Ziphone to a friend for dirt cheap $100. I bought the new one because I felt like it. I am sure you will create Ziphone 4.0 soon and then I'll jailbreak it.

  20. hey you're doing an awesome job and we appreciate your work. i've even donated to you (albeit a minor amount, but I plan to donate again when you come out with unlock for 2.0).

    majority of jailbreakin iphone/itouch users know how much your work means so dont let a few bring you down like that.

    anyway thanks again

  21. So when the dust settles are we going to see a new version of Ziphone for 3G that unlocks, activates and jailbreaks as before?

  22. Good to see a post from you !!!
    Sometimes it's good to sit back and let the haters talk, I messed up and updated my phone to 2.0 , really miss using your software. Looking forward to seeing your work out here again

  23. I have been following all this from the start, and all those that flame you and make accusations are doing so from jealously.

    We have several iphones here and are yet the get the new dev teams program to work successfully on one phone. Ziphone however returns each phone to 1.1.4 successfully every single time after a failed 2.0 update.

    I for one support you, your skills and your work. Dont worry about the dev team and their childish blog, they only wish they were the first as you were. No-one can ever take that away from you.

    Just compare how their lame tool gets you into dfu or restore mode compare to your tool, theirs is laughable.

  24. It's always tough to get credit for your work when everyone is working for themselves. It's as if you live in the jungle, it's kill or be killed. No mercy.

    I say play along and enjoy the ride. If that's how they wanna play, then you should beat them at their own game.

    Thanks again to all your efforts Zibri. Looking forward to ZiPhone 2.0.

  25. Hello Zibri man your the number one best hack ever since i use ziphone is so damn perfect and cool to use you made everythin so perfect and easy.. You should chager everybody Fuck that pwn shit he wag ... You should charge for unlockin that new ziphone 2.0 ... Zibri the best

  26. I feel your furstration. I hope this sort of thing happening dosen't discourage open source developers.

    I must say that I have been astounded by the highly professional and user-friendly work achieved by the hacker community. You and all of the other genuine hackers are working towards a common cause and that is the freedom and openess of technology.

    Every time the iPhone is hacked, It sends a loud message to apple saying that the future is not with lock-downs but with open software for both developers and end users. This is what I like to call the Dutch approach.

  27. can't wait to see ziphone for 2.0 FW! We all know it sucks ass without installer!
    ziphone 4 life

  28. You always be in the top.....

  29. Yo Zibri,
    Keep up the good work screw the dev team...i admit i did use the pwnage tool 2.0 but i freaking hate my ipod touch now.....i know i can go back to 1.1.4 and i will soon but really the dev team just tried to get a one time thing it really is pointless cydia doesnt do shit and it all came from YOU! So keep up the good work but if u dont come out with a 2.0 tool thanks for everything you have done for ALL of us!


  30. Well all i have to say is man up. Your dealing with the internet here. no matter what your always going to have to deal with this type of situations. I personally hate the Dev team program.You have to go through 30 steps just to get something down on your iphone. Seriously they couldn't find a better way to introduce this? If everyone agrees with me say I.

  31. I'm with you Zibri... You don't need to worry about everyone else are thinking about you... you know who you are and what did you do...

    As joost said... Ziphone for the World...

    Greetings from Costa Rica...

  32. Greetings from Singapore, just did my part and made a small donation. Thanks for making ziphone.

    With ziphone, you have helped me ressurect the phone so many times when I did something stupid.

    Please continue your hard work in making a jailbreak for 2.0. Looking forward to it, like many others I am sure.

    Forget the rest, they are all wannabe's. You are the real thing.


  33. Im sorry to hear that i would be fucking pissed as well. BTW their Installer shit is crap. I love Ziphone and i love you for creating it in a non-gay way

  34. Zi, i'll give you credit. you deserver it. and the community thanks you for all your help with what you do. Without your ziphone jailbreaking would not be possible.

  35. Zibri i am still using v1.1.4 and i am waiting for ur update.Just foget those dev basters and keep going.Ziphone is the only complete package for unlocking iphone and i know it helps a lot to the south asian.U have done a great job and i think u will give us v2 also.Just keep going

  36. I can't wait for ziphone for 2.0 fw, winpuke sucks monkey ass!

  37. Hi..Zibri, ....i have just pwned the iphone 2.0 on windows version (Using winpwn, ziphone, custore 1.2.0 restore iphone devteam- thanks to all). I am great fan of ziphone still. I dont understand all technicals (like ramdisk and key etc) . But as a user of ziphone and pwnage tools, i vote for ZIPHONE is ultimate userfriendly unlock software i ever found for iPHONE....

    I wish you goodluck. I would like to see ziphone for 2.0 unlock

  38. Ziphone IS the best hack, in fact the only real hack for the iphone. Keep up the good work and be rest assured that the public is behind you before any other group.

  39. whoa that key was your work? I thought by the way the rev team talked about it that it was them from the very start! So that was what the numbers were all about. I respect you Zibri!

  40. Zibri, don't worry bro, your the best.

    just care about those who keep checking your news and give them their needs.

  41. sigh... Why does there always have to be jealousy? For those of you pwnage people I have only one request: Stop making up s___t about Ziphone and Zibri. Ziphone people are ok because we have Zibri, who's tool doesn't make you restore and loose stuff. It just jailbreaks just like that with no pain but lots of gain. LOL geddit? 1st anniversary of Ziphone coming up... In a lot of months...

  42. Is my first generation iPhone working? yes.
    Am I happy? yes.
    Is this thank to Ziphone? yes.
    Would I like to upgrade to 2.0? yes.
    Am I that urgent to use a crappy powange tool? No.
    Am I among the thousands of people that will wait of a ziphone tool? yes.

    You need credits?? I bet my mom's tight ass that a guy named Steve Jobs knows for SURE your piece of Art.

  43. Ziphone is basically the best and easiest tool to use. No need to be a rocket scientist to know that.
    The Dev Team "tool" is SOOOOO techy that I didn't even care to read the whole process. You have to go through 9 steps and be a champion at forcing DFU mode manually. What's with that huh.
    Long live Zibri and his one-click unlock!

    Frederic - Belgium

    PS: I bought the 3G version and it's already unlocked/activated/... in Belgium, no need to pwn anything :-)
    One catch: it's 525 Euros.
    But then I thought: oh well... if this is the way I don't have any hassle in upgrading and such EVER... I'll gladly pay for it!

  44. Zibri, you've done an excellent job with ZiPhone in the iPhone hacking scene. Almost all users use your software on Windows. I personally prefer Mac over Windows, but what you have given to those not like me is great, easy to use software, and before anyone thinks about saying you stole code from someone else (I have yet to make an opinion on that side of the story) they should look at the stuff you have contributed. Continue your efforts, and even though I approve of the work the DevTeam is doing, you are doing an equally good job. Keep it up Zi!


  45. We are all counting on you buddy!!!
    plz dont give up something u love, spically that you've helped so many with your software.
    please forget about all the haters and focus that your doing this for yourself and the people.
    we love u man
    keep doing what u do

  46. zibri i am one hundred percemt behind you and i beieve that the that your program is better then dev team because, zibri is easier to use and pwn or what ever it is is so complicated you need to get a computer expert to use it, so i dont care what they say ill wait for the 2.0 upgrade from you . even if i have to wait a couple of months NP.

  47. Zibri your stuff works amazingly and i thank you for it. I don't trust winpwn or whatever it is so I'll wait for your update :)
    Thanks for everything man.
    Much love.

  48. hey zibri i know what you mean man.. never getting the credit for what you find and i know alot of people demand things from you THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO.. but dont make the ones who have followed your work since day one beg man! you are obviously amazing at what you do otherwise i wouldnt use stuff you create i can only say this people are rude, and sometimes frustrating.. but dude.. EVERYONE HAS TO ADMIT... YOU ARE GOOD! i hope to see more from ya!

  49. Hey dude.
    Stop defending yourself and let people go for something else and regret it...and let them realize how easy and solid was your sw!!!
    My iPhone was stuck after trying a jb with other pieces of crappy sw...then ziphone came out and saved my iphone and my day!!!
    I'm after you, and so are many many folks out there.
    Maybe some of them doesn't know how sick and disappointed you are for all this...
    Men, I didn't know as well.
    Then I dropped in and saw (not that I needed to...I know you have many supporters) your post!
    I felt like I HAD TO give you my support.

    Respect, man!

  50. Hey dude.
    Stop defending yourself and let people go for something else and regret it...and let them realize how easy and solid was your sw!!!
    My iPhone was stuck after trying a jb with other pieces of crappy sw...then ziphone came out and saved my iphone and my day!!!
    I'm after you, and so are many many folks out there.
    Maybe some of them doesn't know how sick and disappointed you are for all this...
    Men, I didn't know as well.
    Then I dropped in and saw (not that I needed to...I know you have many supporters) your post!
    I felt like I HAD TO give you my support.

    Respect, man!

  51. I also would not be where I am if it wouldn't be for you and your code/tool.
    the Pwnage thing looks scetchy and since you are the man, the master, you have a follower ship that is enormous.
    I am making up words here but I think you'll understand.

    I will wait for your advice and tool as it was with your fantastic tool that I was able to jailbreak and unlock my 1.1.4 and it works like a charm...

    Thanks Zi - you da man!!!

  52. Well, you had your fame and you can have it again if you can introduce a better iPhone hacking tool. Most people don't really care what happens behind the scene, who are the people behind the iPhone Dev Team, who Zibri or GeoHot really is, or what method was used to create the tool.

    I used iPhone Dev Team's hack to unlock 1.0.2, then used AppSnapp, a tool supposedly created by a 13 year old to unlock 1.1.1, and then Ziphone came along to do the same for my 1.1.3. No doubt, Ziphone then was the fastest and easiest tool to hack an iPhone. You deserve all the praises and thank you's for that and we also hope you were satisfied in return for your efforts.

    Now comes 2.0. Everyone was waiting with bated breath for the newest tool to again beat Apple in the iPhone cat and mouse game. We were constantly refreshing our browsers on your site, the IDT's, GeoHot's, etc. hoping to join the bandwagon of iPhone 2.0 users enjoying apps from the App Store. In the end, on a Sunday morning or evening, depending where you were, the iPhone 2.0 was finally set free, and along with it came the multitude of downloads and heaps of praises--the moment and glory this time deservedly belong to the iPhone Dev team.

    You can regain that glory in the future. Otherwise, your glory in 1.1.4 will soon be forgotten and Ziphone will be relegated to the dust bin of history, searchable only in blog archives and deep Google searches.

    Such is life.

  53. Zibri. i thank you for all the hard work you have done, i used that damn pineapple tool and it killed ( sort of speak my phone) got stuck in a perpetual loop. I was able to ( with thanks to a poster on another group) to reinstate my phone back to 1.1.4 with the help of your program. I will remain loyal to your program despite all the flaming and name calling that other people are doing in other groups.

    Keep up the good work and thanks once again for all you unselfish help.

  54. WAIT A MOMENT !!!

    For me you are #1 ! For many many many others you are also #1 !

    Who cares about 'I did it first, they copied it' stuff, fact is that so many had jailbreaked their iPhone with your programm which offer the Installer (and not this Cydia that lacks too many applications now)

    So thank you again. And, really, who cares what people say? What matter is how you changed the iPhone World :)




  56. Zibri..
    si duda eres el mejor... En mi caso estoy usando mi iphone en 1.1.4 hasta que tu enuentres la forma de romper el 2.0...

    Y ve con calma yo no tengo prisa...

    Desde Puerto Rico....

  57. almost all famous people, geniuses, inventors an so no have a period in there lifes defending there integrity. Hate, envy
    and stealing exists, we choose how these effect our life. If you let every one teasing you win, then your life and the lives of people around you will stop.
    live you life like it was or like what you want to be, forget them coz if you do not they will keep attacking you, knowing you will be stoped.
    Do not let them win, so far you have done remarkable job. If you fedup with iPhone that is your decision, we must and will respect that, but do not drift to there level answering, explaining and fighting.
    Millions know you and we know what you did to the world. Your name will remain sparking.

  58. You''re the man Zi.

    You work like hell to make what you've done work 100%.

    My Big thank you to YOU.


  59. stop crying man.

  60. Hey Zi,

    You're a legend in my neck of the woods (Big Island, HI). Don't ever think that your work is not appreciated--because it is!!


  61. Is there any way to unlock the iPod while on 2.0 firmware or do we wait?

  62. Hi, Zibri,

    I always trusted on you, I believe you. Ya it do hurt sometimes what we ever done but not get appreciate. This is happen, this is life, this is the fact of it. Just accept it, no choice. Accepted it will make us more happily.

    We do, we share because we love it, do it base on what you think it's correct and helpful. We still can survive and happy without "credit" from others.

    Don't get the betrayer make you down, if you down means the betrayer wins.

    I am updating to version 2.0 already and I won't bother to jailbreak it if it is not out by you, I always support on you, dude.

    Smile :-) tomorrow always be better.

  63. I am with you Zibri(what made you upgrade?),I wish I had 1.1.4 back.I didn't pay for a update or anything like that but I bought mine off of ebay and I guess the person put 2.0 on it and now I am stuck wishing I could have NES and SNES on my ipod...Stupid 2.0(it's not all that?)

  64. Is good to know that a program like this exist... Beautiful program I must say...

    Connect Iphone
    One click...
    Read some e-mail
    Job done...

    A state-of-the-art software.

    Beam me up scotty.

  65. zibri, you're doing great. Look at your stats and look at the 2.0 fw release date, people depend on you, they think, if it can be jailbroken Zibri's gonna jailbreak it. Don't let those people down, because I have to admit, I'm one of those people, I think what you're doing is great, so keep up the good work.

  66. Zibri I recommend you to stop looking back on what happened and think about the future, or whatever you want that is not the other guys or that they criticized you at some point. The real fact is that for better or worse they have something going on already. What i am saying is that everyone appreaciates what you and mny people have accomplished in hacking the iphone, but if you are retiring yourself from this for me is ok, but don't try to throw mud at other people software because as i said, i dont know if it is a good tool or not or if it is based on something yours but they already started strong with the iphone 2.0,
    so you have two choices, create something better than them or keep a low profile because at the end you will be the one affected because o not receiving the credit you think you deserve.

    Peace out

    dont be a coward zibri, you know that im saying the truth

  67. Ziphone is easy to use and gets the job done. So what if they released it first whats the point with out any apps in 2.0. I hope that u release Ziphone for 2.0 winpwn is such a pain to use. Thats why I have been and will continue to wait. 100% Support form me.

  68. thats not cool bro. well, i appreciate ur work. i think its really cool n ppl will always try to take credit for what u do so just forget about them & chill bro. theyll get whats comin to them.

  69. I am not sure how all the unlocking tools work, maybe there are others who can do it, but so far, the ZIPPHONE is the one that i used and it did work flawlessly and the most simple to use...
    i sincerely thank you and please keep up your good work!!
    101% support you!!

  70. i am not sure how many unlocking tools are out there, but so far ZiPhone is the one i used, and it worked flawlessly and also the most simple to use.
    sincerely i thank you and please keep up your cool work!!
    100% support

  71. i am not sure how many unlocking tools are out there, but so far ZiPhone is the one i used, and it worked flawlessly and also the most simple to use.
    sincerely i thank you and please keep up your cool work!!
    100% support

  72. Hey Zibri,

    I am not sure if you will ever read this but I always appreciated your efforts. Off late I noticed that you are trying to defend yourself cuz some people are accusing of stealing!!! Don't worry about such people, TRUST have DONE A GREAT JOB. You should be PROUD of it.

  73. your TRUE hack is 1000 better than anything the DEVteam has put out. Which is why i will wait to see what you've got for my 3G before monkeying w/their garbage.


    thx to gave us a very simple tool to do all the work (jailbreack, unlock etc...) I'm not an electronic geek, so simple/fast = the best

  75. Thank you Zibri for your work! don't spend time to war. smart people known your work and your "facts". stupid pepople - dnon't know... you can change world not by publishing "facts" but your work results only

  76. Remember ZiPhone before it had a GUI?
    It wasnt that easy to use. Zibri did "the brains" part and Fredrik Grevstad( did the "easy to use part".

    Dont forget to give a little credit to him too. Remember his smooth trick for 1.1.1? You didnt even need a fucking computer!!!

    But to Zibri BIG RESPECT, a true pioneer!

    To all who got a I3G: I think you have been sold the same thing twice. Now only with even more Big-Brother technology inside! Good luck to yous.

  77. Well, I'm still on 1.1.4 and I back the developers 100%. I do hope you come out with your own version as I like your simple and straightforward method. I will use the current tested method at the time when I switch over to 2.0. All this bickering soap opera drama is for the birds. I think you, the dev team and any 'hackers' that benefit the 3rd party community are cool. Press on man, don't quit!

  78. you sound like a little bitch. Fuck what other people say or don't say. Toughen up.

  79. Dear Zibri
    almost all famous people, geniuses, inventors an so no have a period in there lifes defending there integrity. Hate, envy

    and stealing exists, we choose how these effect our life. If you let every one teasing you win, then your life and the lives of people around you will stop.

    live you life like it was or like what you want to be, forget them coz if you do not they will keep attacking you, knowing you will be stoped.

    Do not let them win, so far you have done remarkable job. If you fedup with iPhone that is your decision, we must and will respect that, but do not drift to there level answering, explaining and fighting.

    Millions know you and we know what you did to the world. Your name will remain sparking.

  80. Zibri
    you know you are the brain of jailbreak, etc.., go ahead and make the next ziphone, show that you have the iphone control!!!

    I found your software release when I had to boot my mac in XP and use the command prompt to unlock my phone....THANK YOU!! It worked with no problems and has continued to work up till v1.1.4. I have looked to you as THE reliable source. Personally I don't pay attention to the DEV team or any other blogs and I really dont think you should either. Everyone plays a vital role for the advancement of technology and your download #'s should say enough for you. I'm not buying a 3G phone and I don't know if upgrading to v2.0 is the way for me either. Quite frankly I'm taking your advice and trying to max out what I currently own and underutilize. You made it possible for me to own the phone I wanted on the plan I love, (Tmobile is cheap with excellent customer service). Brush the dirt of your shoulders and rise above all the B.S.

  82. I'm so frustrated, because I want the 2.0 update & I'm even prepared to pay for it but no matter what I do it doesn't work!
    Can't set up an iTunes account coz I don't have a credit card! iTunes gift cards aren't available for purchase in my country! Tried setting up a PayPal account with my debit card so I could buy a gift card on eBay, didn't work either! so much time wasted & no solution.

    Just wanna say thanks for your work done in the past! It helped a lot & also worked much quicker & easier than the other jailbreaks. Experienced no problems & 1.1.4 has been working smoothly ever since.
    Ziphone truly is the best!!!

    P.S. If my PayPal account worked I'd donate. sorry :(

  83. Hi.
    For me, no doubt about the absolute powerfulness of your tool, together with the credits that goes along.

    I'm the same many others, waiting for Zi tool to upgrade my iPhone as it's the only tool to take it all done perfectly.

    You shouldn't care that much. There will always be people that will say they do stuff they actually didn't. ;)

  84. see now only way to shut'em up is to come out with ZiPhone 3G or something man do your thing 100% support for Z

  85. Ive been running 2.0 for about a week and things have been fine. I dont know who stole what from who but it works. The "dev team's" tool works, if you know what you're doing it'll work. I unlocked my iphone the first time using ZiPhone and it also worked the first time, i had done hours of research to be positive the program would work. SOO either way things will work, follow instruction for the pwnage software and you'll get it. If you look at it you have the dev team with x amount of people saying Zibri stole info for his program but blatantly made a HUGE profit off of it, then on the other hand you have Zibri who as far as i know is a one-man team saying the dev team is lying. i dont know who to believe but both stories make sense you just have more people behind the dev team, anyway i dont care who stole what i just want to thank the dev team and zibri for the work they both did, it saved me from jumping to at&t, thanks.

  86. w00t kick ass zibri!!




    EN MI IDIOMA!!!!!!

  88. dear zibri, pride is an awfull thing, you did a good piece of work with your code for the ramdisk and you did a well job on ziphone at all, so what do you complain about. Thousands of people around the globe use your tool to enjoy the iphone it should be. So be proud of that and don't complain of not beeing mentioned anywhere they won't at all. Their light has to shine brighter.....

  89. Venezuela supports you Man!!!

    Venezuela está contigo

    Beam me up again scotty

  90. I have no idea what this is about, but don't let them get you down chief. You are doing great work for a lot of people who are very thankful for your efforts.

  91. Hi,
    Apple has just release a 2.1 firmware release which has been confirmed by gizmodo ( ) which seems to have a lot of nice functionality.

    Anyways, does this help us get any closer to an unlock?:hack:

    Thanks in advance.

  92. Hi Zibri
    some one stealing your credit can happen to anyone of us. In the world of open source this is bound to happen. But the truth is 'we' all know that 'ZIBri ' is the creator of ziphone. So that is it. Entire world loves you and your creation.

    All for the best

  93. I think you're doing a great job! Just yesterday I received my "old" (not 3G) iPhone and I downloaded your software in order to unlock it! It's brilliant!! Keep fighting and never give up! Silvia.

  94. I think you're doing a great job! Just yesterday I received my "old" (not 3G) iPhone and I downloaded your software in order to unlock it! It's brilliant!! Keep fighting and never give up! Silvia.

  95. I think you're doing a great job! Just yesterday I received my "old" (not 3G) iPhone and I downloaded your software in order to unlock it! It's brilliant!! Keep fighting and never give up! Silvia.

  96. I have an 1.1.4 iphone and I am happy. If Zibri release the new version of Ziphone for firm 2.0.... I will be more happy. I'm enjoying the life.

    Best regards from Mexico

  97. Will alway support you all the way from Singapore !!!! Without your great effort there is no iphone for many of us.

  98. 100% support from all the way in Singapore !!!

  99. all i know is iphone + ziphone, that's the reason i bought the iphone.

    take care zibri, from UAE


  100. I have posted on the dev site as well...

    Shame that the drama is getting this far. Credits should be given all around, and I think Zibri's comment about good work by the dev team takes the "high road"... I like that.

    Might I suggest (as I have elsewhere), that Zibri and the dev team consider an IP swap... Consider it a small Nokia/Qualcomm type of multi-licensing deal... Everyone wins.

    There is no ONE way to do just about anything--in vitro fertilization proves you can be "screwed" without getting the goods :)

    If Apple were to "fix" their (Apple's) "incorrect" Boot Sequence Security Assumptions (why does anyone think they are assumptions?) and these types of hacks stopped working, I bet both Zibri and the dev team would adapt, improvise, and overcome any updates. That is what hackers do--however you define "hack."

    Remember, Apple makes product--they do not provide the service for the mobile phones. Leaving "doors" in the software that allows product to be used on "all" GSM networks would, likely, sell more product...

    Seems like genius marketing to me...

  101. Hi zibri ... hi all

    I see that some people hate you (you who's)

    why ?

    because you give good and perfect solution


  102. pas de soucis zibri!!
    grace a vous et votre outil!!
    moi bon abruti!! jai reussi
    alors merci MONSIEUR ZIBRI

  103. Z,
    lets forget the bullshit, and get on with the creatie genius that you are. piss on these idiots. You are the only one that I trust to make certain that I will upgrade to 2.0
    You have nothing to prove, because every time I and a million other people enjoy their iPhone, we know it is because of you. Rock on brother

  104. Zibri, your an amazing fellow. You ZiPhone proggy has spread thoughout my ENTIRE high school. Anyone with an iPod touch has it jail broken, if they don't friends give them you're site. I haven't seen an ipod that wasn't jail broken in months now. The WinPwn software, that i was shown to crack 2.0 didn't even work for me, it kept crashing. Unlike yours, where whenever i encountered an error it was fixed, then just took a second time through the process. You're truly a genius with this stuff. I'm sorry times are rough, but have the pride knowing everyone from Greenway High School hsa your respect. Good Day.

  105. Ziphri, do this,

    Step 1. Beleive in yourself as we all do.
    Step 2. Forget about the Dev team, once a Ziphri, always a Zipri.
    Step 3. Get back to the mode you were during 1.1.4 crack!

    Step 4, sit back and receive all the love from the world:)



  106. You're not stealing :):):) We all love you! You are the best! My iPod Touch is nothing without your help :) Are you a genius? If so, what did you eat to become a genius?

  107. Lately everything between everyone has been one crying,whining, bitch out session. You do great work, who gives a fuck what other people think or have to say.

    I would say quit whining and bitching about things. If other people don't credit you..welcome to life. Happens all the time. You just get over it and keep moving on.

    You know you've done a great job and that is why I'm more than happy to keep making dontaions.

  108. Zibri,
    Truthfully your program rocks in alot of different way ! User friendly being the most important of all. Dev team stuff is sloppy,not user friendly at all and buggy . You are more of a threat to apple than dev team. So rock on Zibri

  109. fuck you man !!! STOP !!!!

  110. Ok, here is the thing. The way that I see it is that your program works. No if's, and's or but's about it. We need to get the 2.0 version out. I and about 100 million other individuals are not capable of doing this ourseoves. I for one appreciate the work and dedication trhat went into the program., and I for one could give a shit about the Soap Opera drama that is going on. Fuck the people like that idiot Aussiephone, he could walk off of the planet tomorrow, and no one would give a shit. He is breathing some one else's good air, and taking up valuable space on the face of the planet. I personally believe that you have received plenty of credit for everything that you have done. God has probably sent you a card giving you kudos. You sweat the drama way too much. Ok, now do what ever it is that you do, get over it, and lets get on with it. Fix the shit, or don't. Either way, let the shit ride.

  111. release an 2.0 jailbreak soon pls!!!!!

  112. Zibri your the MASTER is so easy to jailbreak a ipod or unlock activate and jailbreak a iphone with ziphone. Only 1 click and is done. i'm 120% behind you!
    and Ziphone is made with your love for us!

    Enjoy zibri your the master of the iphone and ipod of the World!

  113. go ahead dude you did and will do a great job ;-)

  114. We do not care who did what.
    We thank you for the creation of ziphone. ultimate goal is for the benefit of the majority of the users who won't get to use iPhone because of Apple's stupid decisions.
    We have used ZiPhone. we are benefited by that. We owe you alot for that.
    Thanks for ziphone. Thanks zibri.

  115. a lot said what I also think, 100%

    We are all awaiting your new update for the 2.0. I read all you had to say about the 2.0 and that it wasnt really worth the climb but there are 2 or 3 nice features that I actually would enjoy. My problem was not to buy or not but it was simply not available in my country so far.

    So keep up the excellent work, forget the others. There are allways others like that that will just claim things that are not theirs. I think it will help you if you get used to these as soon as possible and ignore them.

    ...and by the way everyone I know used your soft, I know not a single one that used any other soft, so that for me is proof enoug!


  116. Absolutely rigth ;)

  117. Dear zibri,

    What you describing, i'm after it.
    and about all the so called teams, let be honest, there is one brain, and several leecher.
    as a israeli, all the good stuff and bad stuff are start in israel, icq, check-point, along with hackers (pentagon hack that i made back in 1986 when i was 13 ring a bell??) viruses and stuff.
    I don't want to say how much pepole pretending that it's me, was over night, and about credit, well, i learned that the only credit i know is the credit card.
    pepole are pepole, once they learned something, they pretend that they are the best, and all the rest are not know what they doing.
    the contribute of the ziphone, and it's gui, help to all of as against apple and at&t, if i had the option to buy iphone with israeli support, i didn't think twice.

    in the bottom line zibri, at the end of the day, hacker is a lonley man , for success or for worst.

    the only way is to ignore that so called devteam group.

    evrey time they say something, just ignore them, but meanwhile, don't share with them any information or share any information with all the public.
    make them understand, there is one king in this iphone field and it's zibri.

    we all around the world (that i told that i from israel) know who is zibri, and what is ziphone, so let them write.

    The truth is out there

  118. zeev:

    contact me by email.

  119. you are great bro. fck hater and, don't give a damn shit about dev team, you are the best bro..keep it up..n thnx for what you have done for us.

  120. It is hard to please everybody. And even though you please a group there will always be one or two that criticizes and unhappy about. Look at it this way. Majority feels you have contributed much previously and it is not now how their backs were turned towards you but it is how you perform. How you challenge yourself and prove that you can overcome the new technology. To be better each day for yourself. Make it possible and dare to go extra mile and planning like what Dark Alex the developer PSP has done.

    Many knows best how to do but they do not know how to sell my dear friend. They may even have the expertise to code but without proper publicity, they are always poor and need to work for another.

    Artist and Businessman do not relate on a par level. I do not know if you see this comment but I seriously hope I can motivate you regardless of any replies. And also for all out there to see. See yourselves in the mirror and think what "IF" the one in the mirror is him.

    Prove yourself. Challenge.

  121. In a corporation, staff works as a team and with a system. In a project, planners coincide and make out the product to be faultless and within commercial gains. These have to be fulfilled in order to cater product existence and support. Otherwise, it is either a new product shall supersedes or the old invented product dies even though it is real good. The logic is there. You just need to understand.

  122. The fundamental logic again..."Who would want to scroll down over hundreds of comments when he can view the first few recent tops unless he has plenty of time? And if he has plenty of time, does it mean he is rich or makes a lot of money or is he an artist?
    How can you make it fast for people to absorb what you're trying to convey?"

  123. zev : where have u been???????

  124. ZIBRI, must of us are here to show you love and respect so f... the other team, you are the best and I'll never forget that thanks to you I could have an iPhone in any country, I truly respect what you do in fact I wish i could have the same intelligence you have..

    Just keep up the good work, you have millions who support and respect your "art"


  125. If the body of support represented by these posts isn't enough to convince you of your worth then nothing will. Forget the bunch of brat tossers with their crap ideas and even crappier programs. There is only one Zibri and all of us here know it!

    Ziphone is King and we, the faithful, will wait for you.


  126. ziphone is an elegant tool, just like Apple itself. I hope there will be a new version.

    Thanks for giving me more options for my iphone.


  127. Hello everyone
    Dear Zibri, first of all thank you very much indeed for ur cool and genious softwares
    I think it is obvious that u r the best and will ever be even if u stopped here
    I remeber when i bought my iPhone 1 year ago and went to unlock it, the tech. unlocked it with that software that took a very long time and it was very complicated process, then some friend told me about ziphone and I asked him where could I send my phone to be update and he said u can do it by urself in ur room. I didnt believe him but he came with me and in exactely half an hour the magic was done. Since that time i fell in love with ziphone, and even trust my child to unlock and jailbrake my phone with it
    I think it dosent need a fuss to tell who is the best
    We always trust u and beleive in u and go blindly for ziphone, so keep up man coz u r number 1 :D
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  128. Ziphone for me unfortunately, was the best. I have a 3G iPhone now and I am waiting patiently. I am not so into all the politics, but your stuff worked like a charm, first time every time. Everything else is less in comparison. Thanks from the heart.

  129. hey zi let me first off thank you for everything you have done, i have used your unlock tool on 1.4 and i love it. as for those who dont and feel the need to leave rude comments i have my own for you all, fuck you. you ignorant ungreatful fucks could never accomplish what zi has accomplish but yet you still think you have a right to fault his work? fuck that, grow some balls and unlock your own fucking iphones and leave this man alone if you dont like his work. fuck anynoe who is ungreatful. thats my peice. thanks again zi!

  130. @ Taylor
    I love ur post. bravo.
    Im just curious though how did the talk with go zibri.

    keep doing what ur doing.

    cheers from alb

  131. I'm using ZiPhone on my Ipod Touch 1.14, and I'm going to keep using that software until you come out a new version. I like the current software, and I trust your work. :)

  132. Thanks to Zibri and the rest of the people working tirelessly to bring Ziphone to everyone, the best easy to use unlocker ever. My hats off to you all.
    I wished that the site has a forum page though for other iPhone concerns.:)

  133. Your a God, truly.


  134. Zibris you are the men and i am 100 % with you!

  135. Ziphone GUIv3.0 doesn't work with the 2.1 iphone update.

    it's struggling to get past recovery mode.... about 2 hours now, no errors but no progress either.

    dead....dead....dead....... any ideas?