Thursday, July 10, 2008

Device Failsafe Utility (or Device Firmware Upgrade)


The device failsafe utility
(or Device firmware upgrade as someone says),
better known as DFU
it's a failsafe basic (and quite trivial) bootloader
present on the iPhone.
This is the weak point of the iPhone 2G and
hopefully 3G.
This post maybe means nothing to you,
but before anyone will say I copied/robbed anything
just remember you read it here first.
I will not release anything tomorrow.
And I strongly suggest
not to upgrade itunes nor the iPhone.

Stay tuned.


  1. Just upgraded to 7.7 unlocked iPhone is still unlocked and loaded..

  2. New version of iTunes is out. Maybe 2.0 firmware later as well. Looking forward to hear your good news.

  3. Good luck Zibri,

    DFU FTW!

  4. Come on man :) I want 2.0 on my 1G phone :)

  5. Hi zibri, first of all thanks for your fantastic job!

    This means that the 2.0 firm of the iphone 2G it's very difficult to unlock?

    Why you suggest don't upgrade to itunes 7.7?

  6. GREAT !!!

    Wath do you think about iRev words?

  7. Thanks Zibri you're the best! Oh by the way, iTunes 7.7 is out now!

  8. hey zibri Itunes 7.7 is out now, I upgraded and tested my Iphone with it(didnt mind being guinea pig)and it worked fine, didnt give me any problems. I am running 1.1.4 with an unlock from ziphone 3.0 and am also using a T-mobile sim card(not AT&T), so I really need you to unlock 2.0 software and I am definitely donating again(have already made 2 donations) for your brilliant work.

  9. no problem. not upgradin anything till xmass :-)

    thanks z-man.

  10. Hi Zibri...

    I don't know what that means, but good luck... I won't upgrade my 2G to 2.0 till you do the DMG.

    I am getting the 3G one anyway.

    all the best...

  11. Well I never said that with iTunes 7.7 your phone would explode :)
    I just said to keep 7.5 or 7.6 just because it will probably ease things out (and iTunes can be a bitch to fully uninstall for downgrading it).

    About 2.0, don't install it unless you wanna loose everything and probably lock yourself out (if you don't have an at&t conttract).

    Unlocking is posssible.
    Erasing and downgrading is possible.

    I will just need time to make it as easy as I can for you to use.

    About jailbreak you will have to wait for the community to react.
    A jailbreak without installer or apps is useless.

    About iRev words (someone asked) they are 99% true.

  12. man that sucks if what irev said is true!!
    Anyways is it possible for you to release a pre mature software, for users who are a little more technically inclined?
    Because I dont mind loosing all my applications to upgrade to 2.0, but I need my phone to be unlocked.
    Im guessing most of the applications that I use will get on the app store(im sure all wont bcoz apple wont allow a bunch of them)

  13. Hi Zibri! Are you going to releas a unlock for 2.0 soon? Is it possible for you to unlock 2.0 both on iPhone 1st Gen and iPhone 3G? In my opinion you dont need yo include jailbreak in the unlocking program when you releas it. Because I'm satisfied with the App Store application.

    And what have iRev said?

    Thanks Zibri.

  14. Thanks Zibri for those informations ;)

    I wait to update my itunes until you said it's good :)

  15. hi zibri..

    i used ziphone to jailbreak my 2g iphone and it did wonders!! i am plannin to buy a 3g iphone too and then pay termination fee with ATT and break the contract.. so will the new ziphone which u will release in the future work for 3g iphone too?? i heard that because of hardware changes it might be difficult and stuff.. still its just a noob talk from me.. please clear out this one thing mate :)


  16. Ciao Zibri,

    in that case I'll wait for you to release an "easy unlock" tool... Keep it up!

    Take care e divertiti :-)

  17. Great...i think the first step is activation.

    Then unlock
    and then Jailbreak.

  18. Zibri, how do I properly roll back my phone so I can upgrade to 2.0? I really want to try the new apps. Once I'm at 2.0, can I roll back and reapply ziphone? Are you going to post a guide?

  19. "A jailbreak without installer or apps is useless."

    In my case at least, that's not true, as with a jailbroken iPhone (even without unlocking) I can use the new apps and have fun with the new games during my trip. So I'll be basically using it as an iPod Touch until an unlock is released, and I really don't mind staying without the phone functions for a few days.

  20. Zibri...

    dimmi una cosa
    tell me something, if you have time.
    Does the last version of ZiPhone unlock the 2.0 firmware?
    I am downloading 2.0 right now....

  21. I need your beta new version of ziphone now!:((

  22. In my opinion a jailbroken 2.0 iPhone DOES make sense. Because what I would like to do is to program my own applications and put it on my own iPhone. I cannot use the AppStore for that.
    So, making a bridge between the iPhone SDK and my own iPhone with 2.0 on it would be very pleasing for me. Is that possible ? Or is the whole code-signing stuff in the way ?

  23. Looking forward to your new application Zibri.
    Not sure what this iRev thing is about. Read a thread on hackintosh, about the wifi. But this has been fixed in latest software correct?

  24. Hello Zibri,

    Just wanted to let you and everyone in this blog know that firmware 2.0 is officially released.

    This is the link to the firmware. I hope we can all have unlocked 2.0 soon.



  26. what does that mean finally?, we won´t be able to unlock our 3G iphones to use them without AT&T? or the problem is wwith old iphones?

  27. DUDE! I wanna update my iphone so bad but I am ussing T mobile. please release the unlock tool

  28. Iphone 2.0 software is out...

  29. ciao ho usato ziphone per il mio touch ed ho donato. Volevo solo farti coraggio, perche vedendo l'orda di invasati che "vogliono" la beta o vogliono il tool...mi domando che pazienza hai!!! ...e ti ammiro!

    Take care!

  30. We love u zibri... do your magic!!

  31. thank you zibri.i trust no one else. i want to buy a 3g iphone that come with the newest firmware.but i will wait for you first.if it cant be jailbroken i will buy a 2g on e-bay.i need at&t because t-mobile dose not have coverage in my needs to let us all have fun with the iphone and i am sure the apps store will not compare to the apps the cummunity offers. i look foward to donating for the cause God bless and good luck .

  32. Come on Zebra, Let me post!

  33. Why do people stress out so much?
    your phone is working great thanks to zibri!
    just let the professionals take their time to work on easy to use software for all you normal users!
    Thanks for your effort zibri! i will appreciate it by sending you a bit of money!

  34. Thanks so much for your work so far. Great stuff. iTunes 7.7 works fine with my unlocked iPhone...sync is perfect. I am not updating as I really enjoy all the apps I have downloaded so far. I understand that not only do you have to finish the jailbreak for 2.0 but also that we must wait on the installer folks to update as well as those developers who have made apps to mkae thme compatible with the 20 firmware. I am patient and I know you will release the new ZiPhone when everything is working. thanks again for all your hard work. Cheers!

  35. i was afraid to hear something like this, but since zibri is the god of iPhone, i will wait untill his release. I won't upgrade to itunes 7.7 to avoid bitchy downgrades and ill keep my 1.1.4 for couple more days. no release tommorow eh? well I can't wait for saturday :)

    good luck zibri...

  36. Zibri for President!

  37. What a bunch of brown noses! STFU and let the man work his magic! :D

  38. Thank you Zibri,

    Sent you a 18 USD paypal donation. I've been using my 16 Gig iPhone for 4 months now on T-Mobile in the U.S. Works great. Unlimited SMS messages. $20 per month data plan. So much better than AT&T!!!

    Now I can't wait to know that it's safe to install the 2.0 firmware... will wait to see until next week. No rush for me. I have an Apple TV at home and would love to use the 'Remote' app to control my Apple TV. That would be cool for the phone

  39. Thanks Zibri, for everything you've done and you're doing for everyone, but I'm asking all the people in this blog to not treat you like a god! There're many people working on the activation of 2.0, not only Zibri! Someone will find a way to patch it, only a person in the world says it's not possible for palladium (not a member of dev-team, and not zibri), so don't tell he's right 99%, 'cos it's just a way to say: "if we solve it we're genious, if we don't solve it we've told you about palladium"... Believe in the community, not only in one person... all together you can solve it! come on!

  40. I dont know so is this for sertain or zibri do you think i should hold off on getting the IPhone 3G because its tempting knowing it'll be in stores tomarrow.

  41. hi zibri

    I am listening to ur advice not to upgrade my iTunes and 2.0 but I'm thinking to sell the 2G right now and w8 until u have the new update and my uncle's renew with AT&T to my the 3G version and get it to my parents' account to Tmobile and unlock it and thnx again for the unlocks u didnt in the past. U R THE GOD OG IPHONES! I would like to donate but can't cuz I'm only 14 but I'll try to get my parents to do it !!

  42. Bravo Zibri, keep working hard so that we may use V2 with our Old Timer (V1).Coraggio.

  43. So, If u update my Ipod Touch whats going to happen? Nothing? is it just the phone that is havign issues, or is it both the touch and the Iphone?


  44. Zibri...could you please post some update? Just if you menaged to activate it, or unlock it.

    Thank you.

  45. Hey Zibri, I unlocked my iPhone OG with your software to use that a company that from today works with iPhone. Do you think just upgrading would be a bad thing still?

    Thanks for your response

  46. Hi! I'll wait too your news!

  47. For those of you who wants to install the new iphone applications from itunes:

    download the application
    click on the app then press command+r to reveal it
    Change the file extension to sit
    decompress the file
    open the decompressed folder
    take the app and copy it to your iphone app folder using ssh or afpd
    restart iphone

  48. Thanks so much for all your work, i have an awesome iphone bc of you, and im totallllllllly NOT upgrading until i have your approval, lol... bc if i got locked out, i would totally be pissed... xoxoxox... cant waittttttt..... ;)

  49. OK I upgraded my phone and itunes. now im stuck.. i took a risk..
    Stupied ME..


    I have tried for the past 3 hrs to restore back to 1.1.4 and it looks like apple upgraded the DFU so u cant get back to 1.1.4
    you will get an error 20.

    now bigboss posted a method to restore..
    uninstall 7.7 and install 7.5
    i still get the 20 error. so get my phone back i had to restore again to firmware 2.0
    so i lost my

    i can only hope zibri can hack the firmware and come out with a ziphone 3.1 that will jailbreak the iphone.. I see all the picture of unlocked ipods 2.0 but those are the beta 2.0 firmware and not the real 2.0 firmware that apple released.

    if anyone knows how to downgrade back to 1.1.4 without that stupied error 20 let me know



  50. Hi Zibri

    I am quite foolish and inadvertently upgraded to 2.0 on my hacked iphone. It is a long story which I won't go through here but my ziphone 3.0 hacked, firmware 1.1.4 i-phone is now quite clearly bricked.

    I would love to know if the upcoming ziphone upgrade will be able to unbrick my i-phone ?

    I have tried restoring 1.1.4 firmware but when I try and reinstall ziphone 3.0, ziphone tries to reboot the phone and then loses all connection with the iphone after about 30 seconds. I-tunes then pops up again, saying that the i-phone needs to be restored.

    If anyone has any suggestions for a foolish i-phone user, they will be gratefully accepted.

    Many thanks

  51. Instructions on how to downgrade your iPhone from 2.0 to 1.1.4:

  52. Zibri.. i upgraded to v2.0 and now my phone is locked again, how can i unlock it... please help... plzzz

  53. shame on you zibri. i know u delete this comment. but u have bricked my iphone. all for the money right?

  54. I upgraded the firmware 2.0, locked myself out. Had the iPhone for one(1) day.
    Think I'm going to cry....

  55. For those of you that have bricked your iPhone, it is your own fault. Zibri warned each and every one of us not to play with 2.0 until they have figured it out. I know that some of you knew the risk you were taking and accept the responsibility, but for the ones saying "Shame on you Zibri", you are were warned.

  56. Bensen.....go screw

  57. Why are you guys mad at zibri! He told evryone not to upgrade yet until he gives the now your mad because your locked out?
    Anyways thanks zibri for evrything, cant wait to upgrade!

  58. Benson, it has been posted not only on Zibri's site but also in these comment lists over and over not to upgrade to 2.0 if you have jailbroken your phone unless you restore it, removing any third party software, and using the basic Apple firmware, etc. Zibri is working hard I am sure to move forward with his work on all of this, but the warnings have been clear. If you chose to upgrade regardless, what did you expect? It is not Zibri's fault and I am sure he is not doing anything for the money. I think is remarkable that he does what he does for the good of the community and I feel we should all be grateful for his work and be patient. It will come. But if you choose to upgrade, despite ample and clear warnings, then what did you expect? He did not brick your phone...You did. Posts above yours will help you restore your phone so that it works if you choose to follow the links and instructions. Thanks again Zibri for all of your hard work...I am grateful and I await the results patiently. Cheers!

  59. Speak to us for god sake man we need to know what is heapening we want to be first and we want new ziphone today we bealive in you

  60. Sory for my behaving in.... but i am desperate i have blocked my iphone by updating to 2.0 and i and alot people in my contry need ziphone some of us need it because they blocked the iphone by updating to 2.0 firmware and some need it because they only trust in ziphone not dew team or winpwn but only ziphone please be quick everything that we tried nothig can help to open blocked iphone by updating to 2.0

  61. I have managed successfully to downgrade from 2.0 final firmware to 1.1.4 using the weakens of dufu you are right and also the dufu weakens is not solved by apple otherwise i wouldn't be able to downgrade to 1.1.4 i downgraded: i press home and power button at the same time then i released the power button and held down the home button for 15 sec while holding the home button i switched the usb cable several times in and out and then i released the home button the screen must stay black apple must not show while i was doing this i used ziphone to put my iphone in dufu mode at the same time, after that i restore it thru itunes 7.6 to 1.1.4 then i got out from recovery mode by entering in normal mode using ziphone and then i activated , unlocked and jail-broken it with ziphone. Now i am on 1.1.4. I think this will help.Zibri i am not experimenting anymore i am waiting for the new ziphone and i hope that i gave some help please hurry up we need iphone 2.0 firmware and i am glad that dufu is still a chance!!!!

  62. well it is foolish of you to upgrade to 2.0 when zibri did say not to. Apple made sure that ziphone won't unlock 2.0 and I'm guessing zibri still doesn't have a way in at least for now. Dev team have managed to unlock it but have not released anything yet. Im gonna go with whoever does it first. But I think 1.1.4 unlock was well done by zibri. This time perhaps its dev team's turn. No speculation. I personally think the new iPhone 3G is more trouble than its worth. I have a great $35 plan here in Canada with the iphone 1G. 250 minutes, voicemail, callID, 75 texts, unlimited eve weekends. Everything in my iPhone works, even visual-voicemail for extra 5$ a month. EDGE is still pretty decent for checking my email though I barely use as there is wi-fi everywhhere I go now. Even on the bus or train. No way in hell will I upgrade this beauty for a ugly 3g phone not to mention the 199$ + $75/Month plan costs. F#c& apple innovation.


  64. Many thanks Eric for the link...very helpful.

  65. patients is future

  66. Zibri I must say something to those hipocrits who are critisising those people who want ziphone now "Shut up you stupid ass of a horse you will be the first to download the zibri ziphone the only diference is that you are afraid to ask or speak what you want because you think that if you ask the zibri will get angry and he will not give me the new ziphione aaaaaaaaaa smrc smrc ooo for good sake if you want something you must ask for it!!! Sory zibri but I had to write this because they have insulted first and they insulted some curious people that are not afraid to ask!!! ZIBRI GIVE US THE NEW ZIPHONE!!!

  67. I agree with Perry there, you were told CLEARLY Not to upgrade but some of you think that nothing will happen, think again.
    I guess you'll have to wait for the crack. Good luck you morons.

  68. even though I still do not have an Iphone (but I intend to get one), I am really greatfull to Zibri, although I have never used ziphone... I wish most of you did not behave in such a bad and impolite way. He is obviously helping us. We are strangers that he has not even met...
    Which one of you guys would take the risk and achieve what he has achieved until know?!!! Which one of you would dedicate that many hours on a project that is given for FREE!!!???
    I would like to thank Zibri and CONGRATULATE him for his efforts and for achieving what others are afraid to do or have failed to do.
    Well done man!

  69. C´MON SEXY ZIBI, i know you can do ittttttttttttttt

  70. some people do need 2.0 firmware. exchange sync for one major reason.

  71. I agree, patience is a virtue. 1.1.4 is a damn beautiful thing at the moment. Firmware 2.0 is a worthy upgrade though...

  72. I need some help here. I had previously jailbroke my iphone (not unlocked) and was downloading ziphone to my new mac today, and accidently clicked to jailbreak it again. I had NOT upgraded it to 2.0, but my itunes is upgraded to 7.7. Its stuck at the mac address screen and wont go any farther. What can I do??

  73. Hey guys!! well not every one of us have updated to 2.0 firmeware just because we're impatient... in my case i was just mmmm let's call it some bad luck... because i did upgrade itunes to 7.7 and left my iphone to sync (but forgot to turn off the auto-update of itunes... i know i know STUUUPID!!) and now i'm in 2.0, well just hoping the ziphone new version will do it!!!

  74. Hi to all... I update my iphone 2.5g to version 1.2-2.0 the first firmware leaked and stuck on the activation screen, then I use the iTunes vernon the 1,1-2.0 firmware, the same thing..... I tryed an old turbosim and nothing, so I'm F'"$up???? No there's google
    and now I'm on the 1.1.4 firmare using my unsupported carrier and posting from my iPhone.... So there's no end of the world.... To save yourself use google....

  75. updated to 2.0
    uninstalled 7.7
    installed 7.5
    set to dfu mode
    restored to 1.1.4
    ziphoned to unlock, jailbreak and activate
    synced and restored from my backup

    the only problem now, my sim card is no longer recognised... i use a non at&t sim card with xsim.

    worked perfectly before the damn update.


  76. Hey Zibri,
    I ve always been a big fan of you after using your ziPhone software and just wana tell u that ur a genius. Lol, And I updated my iPod with a firmware that I got from torrents. And it works great I got the app store and the january update absolutely free. Now I am just hoping that you can come up with a way of getting the apps for free also. I dont think any of the develepors will now develop for the since they would rather sell their apps to apple to earn some good money, I just want to know what do u have to say about that?

  77. Help Him Help You. Donate!!! Sad to see people never listen to warnings. Put your locked iPhones down and get out your backup phone. Use it tell Zibri has the Ziphone ready.

    Zibri!!! take your time man. Just chill and perfect the software. The true supports will wait. Cause i'm waiting.

    Anyways i love my 1.1.4 cause how much i could customize it. So those that are waiting with me enjoy your 1.1.4 iPhones.

  78. >> some people do need 2.0 firmware.
    >> exchange sync for one major reason.

    That's nice. Get a blackberry it you can't wait any longer. Otherwise quitcha whining and wait for the people to do their thing.

  79. @mike, I already have one. thanks for the useless tip.

  80. To scot hahahahaha yes i have updated to 2.0 and fucked my iphone and by my self restored it to 1.1.4 so i dont regret about that and please dont defend zibri from me he will not give you the preerealise of the software you ashole aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and as we speak about sex i think that the only way you have seen that is on a porn movie hahahahahah

  81. Can't believe all the BS flinging around. Zibri said with a few days in advance DO NOT UPDATE...NO ACTUALIZAR...don't know in how many languages you simpletons need this warning to be, so it sticks.

    I personally wanted to upgrade to 2.0 to see what the fuss was about...I but USED MY BRAIN!!!! I fisrt used ZiPhone 2.6 to put it in refurbish mode (excellent option, which I found missing in 3.0). Once I restored it and took away the jailbreak, I restored the software using iTunes 7.7 and upgraded it to 2.0.

    It worked, and my iPhone is working fine...Because I took the precautions of keeping the files for both the firmware 1.1.4 and the iTunes 7.5, I can go back to 1.1.4 anytime and use Ziphone to do the thing again...I tried it and it worked.

    The problem here is that you idiots don't think!.

    Zibri...its OK to be pissed at all these morons now demanding your to help them....How many of these beggars have actually contributed by donating...I did!

    Take your time to do your thing and it's your choice not theirs or anyone's, if you decide not to give the new ZiPhone.

    If you do release the new ZiPhone thanks!...If you don't....this should be a lesson to all of the leaches out there...Support the people that do the job.

  82. Don't see why you're so angry, first off I gave the phone to my cousin since I switched to verizon and he upgraded by mistake, I'm just trying to help him.. You're the one that sounds like a idiot having a fit over this...

  83. Mihajlovic Can you tell me how you unlocked you phone and got it bakc to 1.1.4 Thank you....

  84. Don´t take this as something bad, I think it´s time to start working out the unlock for the actual 2.0 firm and leave all the bullshit for other moment. As you said, facts speak louder than words, now is the perfect time to show whoose the real "code breaker".

    It´s show time!!!

    Good luck!

  85. excellent work! thanks a lot on behalf of all iphone community! Apple may suck but Zibri rocks ;)

  86. someone in brazil has unlocked the 3g iphone....

  87. Z.

    Many thanks for the great work you have done.

    Had lots of fun using your software.

    Much appreciated.


  88. hello does anyone know how If there's a patch or way that I can get my email working. I'm using 1.1.4 and tmobile service. When I set up my email, it validates it and confirms its there but once I go leave that screen and hit the mail button, it cycles to a white screen then bac 2 home screen, thanks

  89. Hi Zibri! Are you going to releas a unlock for 2.0 soon? Is it possible for you to unlock 2.0 both on iPhone 1st Gen and iPhone 3G? I am already upgrade 2.0 version.and i am stuck after present my iphone not working untill it is unlock from your software.when you releas it.i am wating for release your unlocking software soon.
    And what have iRev said?
    give me reply.

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  91. Time to wake up and smell the coffee my friend. You have lost the race to firmware 2.0 - there is no need to be petty around the details of who hacked what, who cares? Fact is it's done and you won't get any of the credit.

    As I'm sure you know, becoming emotionally attached your "work" can be painful when it is criticized - you need to learn to disconnect work from emotion. Especially source code, unless you want to be a very unhappy man!

    You had a good run buddy - I even saw you on TV :)

  92. I for one sincerely hope that you don't listen to people like this and that you will keep working on an easy way to unlock 2.0 as well as future versions of iPhones firmware, Not everyone is computer "savvy" enough to do a lot more than plug in the phone and hit a couple buttons just like you made your program Zibri, I know a lot of people waiting for you still!!

  93. Drshade, is an arrogant rude and patronising person.
    There was never any suggestion that unlocking the latest firmware was a race, and there must be many who are grateful for the first unlock etc achieved on this website.
    It would be far better if loud mouths such as drshade - who ever he or she might be, kept quiet. Drshade should be put firmly in his or her place, except that he or she does not have one.