Sunday, July 13, 2008


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Talks, lies, haters, fans.
I'm sick of this!
This is not a war and not even a game.
I originally developed ZiPhone for my own use.
Then people asked me to release it and I did.
I bought my first iPhone in Semptember 2007.
I released ZiPhone in February 2008.
I know you people are crazy about the iPhone
but believe me, I am not.
I think the 3g iPhone is not worth even buying
for people who already have the
first generation iPhone.
GPS ? I have a TomTom Go device.
3G data ? I have a 7.2 Mb/s card
in my laptop.
Apps ?
I have my iPhone.
Everything else ?
I have my life !

IF and WHEN there will be a new
ZiPhone you will be informed.
Stop asking, hating, begging.
By the way,
maybe you don't know the difference,
but ZiPhone was a real hack.
Software upgrades or custom firmwares
are a totally different thing.
A nice proof of concept, a nice work, but
that's not hacking..
But if that will ever be released
and that suits your needs,
use it. You'll be (hopefully) happy.

Another note:
I'm being reported of many people
faking me on many blogs and sites.
Check the profile (if there's one).
And don't take as gold any word from me that
you don't read here !

To any hacker out there:
FACTS speaks louder than words.

Peace out,


  1. 100% with you, Z.

  2. zibri lascia perdere tutti questi cazzoni invidiosi che voglio parlare e sputare sul fatto compiuto che l'iphone 2g è stato liberato da te e tralaltro loro lo hanno usato ed hanno fatto beffe tu sei grande io per il tuo ziphone ti elogio gli altri parlano su quello che non hanno mai visto il codice,sei grande continua cosi zibri e butta giu il 3g

  3. Pretty unfair the hassle you're being given Zibri. People seem to forget they're using your software, for free, to get access to a pretty good phone. The school yard taunts from other developers are just childish. Thanks to your product I've got to use a rather neat mobile phone without paying an extortionate contract. Thank you. If people should be complaining to anyone it should be to Apple. They've got loyal customers who are getting screwed over in the line of profit. All other phones are carrier dependant but unlocked. If they finally figured out people want an iPhone which can take ANY sim card, without all this unlocking nonsense, they'd sell millions of units. Keep up the good work and don't let immature, petty moaning get to you. You've done us all a great favour by releasing your software!

  4. thank you for your kindness!

  5. hi-

    i appreciate all youve done for us iphone 1st gen owners. i am and will be hesitant of the iphone 3g. it just seems like another way for apple to make money. its barley, in my opinion an upgrade of the first one. so i'll be patient and wait for your hack, if and when there ever will be one! thanks

  6. well i dont want to buy the 3g right now, specially cause u need to sign a contract, which in my case, in brazil i still cant... i just wanna use the 2.0 on my actual iphone! :)

    so please be super nice and release something

  7. I think you do great work dude. Don't let these people get to ya.

  8. I agree.
    Why all are waiting to upgrade iPhone?
    Till now (I have 2 2G and one 3G) I cannot see one reason to upgrade from 1.4 to 2.0 except games.
    Or the need to have push mail.
    No MMS, no Voip, no installer.
    Only the opportunity to spend money with stupid apps.

  9. So can your Zipphone 3.0 activate 3G iPhone (just activate)?

  10. Zibri:)

    Many people write bad things, sometimes out of hate, sometimes out of ignorance and misunderstanding.

    I agree there are alot of people out there who think the Iphone is the greatest thing since sliced bread.. But hey its only a phone, a piece of metal, plastic, a battery and a processor.

    Let get real here people, you are getting something for free and yet you still have the nerve to bitch and whine about when you will receive it.

    Zibri warned us here not to upgrade, yet many did.. And now many flock here to get a free remedy for there problems!!!

    Its Sunday afternoon my time here in Europe, sit back, have a beer and let Zibri do his work.

    Iphone 2.0, Iphone 3.0, Iphone 4.0, is this going to be the same sick game that is going to be played out here each and everytime a new Iphone version comes out????

    Many people leave a group, community or team for various reasons, many hate Zibri and just as many if not more love him and worship him for his work. He is talented, gifted and generous.

    Let us not live in the past, lets live in the present and the future, trust me its more fun.....

    Zibri: Keep up the good work:)


  11. I agree.
    Why all are waiting to upgrade iPhone?
    Till now (I have 2 2G and one 3G) I cannot see one reason to upgrade from 1.4 to 2.0 except games.
    Or the need to have push mail.
    No MMS, no Voip, no installer.
    Only the opportunity to spend money with stupid apps.

  12. so true! :-) Don't worry on all this.... and that is true, you have a life and some people are really going way beyond on this, acting like insane people and being like retards in front of the cameras, getting their "prizes", the iPhone 3G! Come one.......

  13. nothing to say but support you!

  14. Ya

    You go Zibri

    Nice Work



  15. So much tension! Why such a big deal?

    Ego and humans...

  16. Respect to you. Well said.

  17. Respect to you. Well said

  18. Zibri: I wouldn't waste my time on even commenting to people like that. Just remember that all of them are using your software to hack their phones. This should be the answer to anyone in doubt. Thanks for all tyhe hard work.

  19. Z - life is too short - congratulations for knowing when to lower your profile.

    Best to you - thank you for what you have done - and - if you decide to 'ride again' - give it hell!


  20. I agree with your points Zibri. I see no point in rushing out to get a 3G iPhone. Like you, i also have a Tom Tom for navigation. I am not really in a position to need access to my email etc while out and about. It is far better to simply use wireless, when available.

    Not until Friday did i realise the huge amount of hatred that seems to exist between the various people/groups trying to provide an unlock/jailbreak. I had no idea of the past tie-ups and fall outs. Such a shame.

    I hope you do decide to work on a new ZiPhone. I am sure i will not be alone in offering my gratitude to you if you do. I used ZiPhone to unlock my iPhone and i will probably wait until you say you have a solution for firmware 2.0 on original iPhone. I have helped a few friends unlock their own phones and every one of them has been amazed at the speed and elegance of ZiPhone.

    It is clear that there seems to be a war going on between certain groups/people. However, as with real wars, there are innocent bystanders who simply go with the flow until something good comes out of it all.

    Best wishes Zibri. I hope you continue to work on ZiPhone.

  21. Hi Zibri,

    Relax and work at your own pace. People who want to break their phones will be impatient and break their phones. Then what? The phone came out two days ago; everyone wants a miracle, but no-one is *expecting* one.

    I'm just glad you're on the case, because having the one-click option to jailbreak/unlock/repair/restore my phone is a godsend after all the terror from doing it all by hand on a brand new phone.

    Besides, if you release ZiPhone "when it's done", you'll be doing something very Apple-like, and I think everyone with an iPhone will be happier that way.

  22. They are just a bunch of jealously guys...keep the good work up!! Greetings from Brazil!

  23. Zibri, I am real sorry you are taking so much heat for the great job you have done. Take your time, good things are worth waiting for. Your execellent work speaks for itself.
    Nicolas from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  24. Such a shame :(

    Keep your pecker up Zibri ;-)

  25. I agree your point "and that suits your needs,use it. You'll be (hopefully) happy.".

    for those who doesn't like ziphone, please remove ziphone from your laptop and choose what you like.

    Peace of the world.

  26. u rock zib.
    do u realize how famous u became? people from all over the world waiting on u to begin writing a hack!

    really funny what life can bring u all of a suden.

    pablo, from buenos aires

  27. Your absolutely correct, and you do deserve a Thanks.

    Thank You. You turned an already bad purchase into one that was ALOT better. Sadly, there nothing you can do to make it awesome..:(

    I actually paid some service 20$ not knowing it was free software. Be sure that I will be donating directly to your service.

    Thanks again, and maybe charging for the next possible release. You deserve it.


  28. I'm happily using V2.0 firmware on my original iPhone without the hacking - although I do miss installer and some applications, the rest of the iPhone usage is just fine. I will look forward to using the Installer side-by-side with the Appstore when Zibri is *truely* ready to release something for the masses and will wait patiently until it happens. Goodluck to you Z.

  29. I know what you are going to Zibri. Just tell them what you are thinking.

    I think your hacks work perfectly and that people need to stop whining. On my own website I had to close my comments box for a month to keep their mouths shut and keep my website clean as it is.

    I Wish you good luck ;)

  30. I am 100% with you. Dont need 3G,using Garmin for GPS... Thanks a million for the ziphone which lets me use my iphone. I got my IPhone when I came to know that there will be MS exchange support, and bigger keyboard (cuz my eyes are getting older) Used 4different WM phone within one year, same issues small keyboard and had to restart every other day.

    Thanks again!!!!!!

  31. Zibri,
    I believe all the serious ones amongst us appreciate any work you guys do for us.
    Namely your application that eased up my way to the iPhone.

    Hope you will keep releasing your application, but hey, I'm sure you have your priorities, and I am familiar with the feeling of being un-appreciated, especially when the want to contribute becomes a hassle. (I work in service providing).

    Thanks and good luck

  32. Zi, you dont have to be bothered by those people who doesnt appreciate your work. Here I would like to start a list (with your permission), not spamming, showing that your work are really appreciated and hopefully that will lighten up your life too.

    I appreciate Ziphone:
    Tralvex, Singapore

  33. well, I'd be lying if I said i don't want to get the 3G... shiny new things are always cool. however, I do hear what you're saying. I'm hanging on to my current one.

    Also, I quite appreciate what you're doing for us. I know what a pain it can be to do the work you're doing.

    If and when you decide to put out a new version, I'll be more than glad to send you some cash for your hard work.

    Every man/woman should be paid for their labor.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and be encouraged in the fact that you are indeed appreciate by many many of us.

  34. Hey man how u doing sorry for all the hassle you've been getting! On the dev teams blog there is people faking you! I'm with you man keep on rocking!!! I'll be happy to use my iPhone as a tester if you need any !!!

  35. zipi baby, listen to me. we all lave ya...just release something honey...and i'll appreciate you the real way, I will send you cash.

    cash baby the healer of all troubles...

  36. Well done mate. Couldn't agree more with you. People just don't seem to realise how hard it must be to develop something like the ZiPhone. They thing you just put it together in a couple of hours.

    Keep up the good work and ignore haters etc. THEY ARE JUST JEALOUS. Joe

  37. Work at your own pace z. Nevermind all these kids looking to leech your work or throw around crazy things to say

  38. Zibri You have lots of support and gratitude for your work which I think was and is fabulous. Keep up the good work and enjoy your life (as I'm sure you are!)

    Thank you.

  39. We love you Zibri!
    And there's a huge thank you from this end for the work you did for the 1st gen! Don't worry about people hassling you. The only reason they're hassling is because they don't know what it takes to do what you went through to make ZiPhone.
    Great work and Thanks again!

  40. First, more power to you Zibri! You made a great piece of software and are appreciated by millions who believe their iPhone belongs to the them and that they have the right to do whatever they want with it. Tying the phone to ATT is just plain wrong. Tying the phone to only Apple approved and purchased software is wrong. The whole arrangement is virtually criminal. Supposedly tying is illegal (see Apple vs. Psystar) and anyone who defends it doesn't know what freedom is all about.

    I bought the original iPhone on the date of release and had been pretty pleased with it, but frustrated with its limitations, until I found your fantastic, marvelous and outstandingly creative way to open the doors on the device to bigger and better things. The community of developers that provided all the great apps that could be installed with ZiPhone found a huge number of appreciative and eager supporters.

    I unlocked and sold my iPhone on eBay to someone who used another network and will never be abused by ATT, the behemoth that cares more for profit than customers. I just bought the new iPhone and am happy to report that there appear to be some improvements in the hardware, and the 3G performs significantly faster. I still want to jailbreak and unlock the unit because as soon as my new and totally unfair contract with ATT is up I want to leave them.

    Additionally, if you are getting hate messages my guess is that they would be from Apple and ATT supports (or even employees) who have been directed to discredit and dishearten you during the launch of the new product. The corporate world is merciless and they will stop at nothing to control the world.

    I implore you to keep up your efforts. Obviously you have exceptional talent and skill and a programmer. The audience you have created will continue to support you and strongly embraces your ideals.

    Thank you for proving that resistance is not futile!

  41. Hey Zibri.You are the BEST OF ALL !!!
    Waiting for the new ZiPhone for 2.0 !

    PS: Plz make a Mac version. Mail me ( for Development (Interface/Mac).

  42. Im sorry you feel this way. People are fucking stupid. most of the comments in other blogs are.... "when will Ziphone be out" come out with Ziphone please!" when the blog even says that you are working on it. im sorry that people are treating you this way.

  43. Hi Zibri - 100% with you - thanks for your commitment. User of 1st generation Iphone and happy with all the apps I got after hacking the phone with ZiPhone! You did a great job. Do whatever you like to - I'm with you! Regards from Switzerland

  44. I wouldn't have been able to use an iphone today but for your application. Thanks a ton for that. Respect!

  45. what up zibri man after reading your blog i feel really bad for u man. dont stress off the new patch. sorry for making u feel that way before. i didn't read ur page and i upgraded. luckily i figured out to get back to 1.1.4 so anyone reading this it can be done. other than that u rock. huge fan always have been always will. thanks for your time brother.

  46. As me, I think there are a lot of respectfull people that are just waiting, leting you do your thing.

    I just think that for other kind of people, just to not get crazy, and also for me, entering the site all the time, a short update in the news sections would have avoided at least half of the contacts you've received.

    Don't You think :)

  47. good on ya man, i love your work. i follow what dev team are doing but dont use it, and i agree, why would i need 3g and gps?? wifi and my glados gps covers that.

    take your time on any future release, anyone that cant wait sound pay for the official activation and ppl that cant shouldnt use an iphone if their gonna hate.

    peice _ love

  48. in thinking same you

  49. zibri thanks for your work.

    no need talk to the kid. he don't know how to do that.


  50. Selah. I agree with the ZiPhoone is the true hack. But For them to be able to create custom firmwares and unlock the iPhone, hacks had to take place. I'm not a hacker- I always wished I were one and I always admired hackers' work. Now look what is happening; if what is said abut you is true from before, it seems that GeoHotz has found himself in the same bit of waters. Now people are angry at him. Maybe you guys think along the same lines. Maybe he has an agenda as he works with Google now and there is a conflict of interest... Nobody knows. I support the code that hackers live by and the fact that the Dev Team is waiting, from the point of view that they are fine tuning the software to make sure it does not brick phones before release, I support that. Any other hidden agenda that they may have, I don't know. The fact that you have also provided the unlocking tools in the past and they have never bricked phones that I personally know of, I appreciate it very much. People will hate you. They will despise you. That is just how the assholes are. And the world is full of them and even run by them. Keep doing what you do. If you chose not to continue, we all are appreciative of your service and your contributions. If you do continue, then I guess most of us will be ecstatic. thanks Zibri.

  51. hey, zibri. my iphone was released by your user friendly hacks and nothing beats knowing and appreciating it. keep up the good work and ignore the fools... i agree with the 2.0 firmware only for games, i'm still living up with 1.1.4 and most of the software that i loved are not even updated to work with 2.0 yet.

  52. Zibri,
    People have to remember that this is free and your putting your time into it, you dont make any money off of it and it might not be the best but its still something that works well. Its the eaisest thing to use. All you have to do is click a botton and wait 2 min's.
    Keep up the good work.

  53. I wish there is a stars rating system on here...

    I would rate you from scale of 1 to 5, a big 15! you made those guys look like chumps! you've done a great job on the ziphone, some people are stupid and will say anything because of their own ignorance, lack of ability to understand anything.

    Keep your head up! ;-)

  54. You have done great work and have made my iPhone use much more enjoyable, and I can't thank you enough. Good luck in all your endeavors going forward.

    Oh, and by the way, if you released a new ZiPhone for the 2.0 firmware, I'd gladly pay money for it if you didn't offer it for free.

  55. Zibri, I am an average person who is not a developer but wanted to have an unlocked iPhone. Found you via various articles on the Web. Thank you! I could never have hacked my iPhone without you! You made it easy and user friendly! I am glad you voiced your frustration. Just know that we support you and appreciate your efforts and those who can not do often cast stones at others. Peace.

  56. Hey Z...

    I was unaware of hatred/zealotry in the "unlocking" community. Quite unfortunate. Also unfortunate is to have people demanding to receive something that they have not paid for, nor are "funding".

    I sincerely appreciate the clever and elegant work you did and which has made possible for my wife to use her iPhone. I come to for "clearance" on upgrading, but am not expecting anything. I know from what I've read here and elsewhere that you have the ability --but not the obligation.

    Thank you for your work. Keep on living a cool life, pay no attention to envy or hostility.


  57. No matter what people say
    Whether its positive or negative
    all they really want is one thing...

    and you know that.

    Make them starve for it.
    so when/if you do release it
    they'll respect you.


    (ps. whats wrong with keeping the 1.1.3/1.1.4?
    people need to grow up)

  58. They are just haters man, don't sweat it!

  59. You're a HAS-BEEN, Zibri. Nobody likes you for a damn good reason.

  60. I have used Ziphone a few times for 2 first generation iPhones and I think it has worked very fine. Now I have purchased a 3G iphone and will keep it just as it is with all it's bindings and locks.
    The two other phones are still in use by family members and I hope there will be a new version of Ziphone to unlock them after 2.0 upgrade. If not, they can be used just as they are now 1.14. Thank you Zibri for that. Very useful for us!

  61. Hello Zibri... Agree with your point. I think it is time to think green. You are famous and the world anxious to get the new version of ZiPhone.

    I am willing to pay for your work and I am sure many others will support this idea. You makes us happy; we shall make you happy.

    Think about it Z, It is a chance.

  62. Nicely Put! I'm glad you finally said something to all the disrespectful people about all your hard work!
    Good luck with the hacking my iPhone God, Zibri!!

  63. Hi Zibri,
    I like to THANK YOU, a lot for spending time and effort creating this program for Iphone lovers, for us.. Eventhough i paid to get this program, you know what "IT IS WELL WELL WORTH IT"!! Thanx million more time actually.. All the best for you in your life... Take care..

  64. Hi Zibri,
    I like to THANK YOU, a lot for spending time and effort creating this program for Iphone lovers, for us.. Eventhough i paid to get this program, you know what "IT IS WELL WELL WORTH IT"!! Thanx million more time actually.. All the best for you in your life... Take care.. Bulent

  65. I totatlly agree with you ...

    and we are all Gratefull.. of what you have done ...

    i dont use paypal if you have other why too colaborate please let me know ì`ll very happy to give my sopport..


  66. First of all: I agree with you and don't understand why people get so out of their minds and negative about those things.... why would ANYONE hate you or any other group? For what reason?

    My own phone is pwned and I'm also waiting for that release now because I really want 2.0 in order to be able to bin my trashy HTC touch that I needed for work.
    However, I ziphone'd a couple of friends' iPhone over the last months and also one of a friend in Dubai where pwning wouldn't work! Ziphone was the only working hack for that one! You really saved my ass there ;-)

    And last but not least: congratulations to your community! They are really ALL supportive... quite contrary to some other blog where many people are flaming and nudging the guys they want their solution from.... weird world :-)

  67. 4 words, you are the best.
    There is no one able to do a program to hack the iphone better than you, there are some hacks but takes long time to able to open one phone, and sometimes is risky. I do not upgrade to 3G, is stupid to purchase that piece of plastic, I went to the store , there was some available but I said "no, 3G is a piece of crap", expensive service and the same technology of the iphone EDGE so we will be patient for getting a hack on the 2.0 software.

    thanks for everything Z

  68. To all you haters and complainers out there why don't you use your puny little brains to create your own software. Oh wait, I forgot you don't have any fucking brains. Here's another idea, how about donating something to Zibri. He's done one hell of job. It's really not hard just click the Paypal Donate link.

    Zibri keep up the excellent work mate. Hope the donation helps.


  69. triste sentirti dire queste cose.

    probabilmente sei arrivato al punto in cui ne hai abbastanza di queste cose e di avere a che fare con delle persone che continuano a percepire il risultato del tuo (duro) lavoro come un diritto ormai acquisito e che non è concepibile perdere.

    io sono uno di quelli che ha "donato" per ziphone, ma onestamente ero eccitato all'idea di ziphone non tanto per me, ma per te: è stata/è/sarà (decidi tu) una grande occasione per te e non vedo perchè lasciar perdere un qualcosa che ti ha reso famoso.

    Un sacco di persone hanno talento e non hanno mai l'occasione per dimostrarlo, vuoi per sfortuna, vuoi perchè al talento non riescono a coniugare la determinazione giusta nel riuscire; ora io non so se tu hai il talento e non so neanche se hai la determinazione, ma la fortuna/bravura/talento/derminazione (chiamala come vuoi) ti ha dato una grande occasione e mi sembra veramente ... non so, non mi viene la parola giusta quindi uso "stupido" non continuare a lavorare su questa opportunità che ti è capitata!

    Poi è giusto che tu faccia quello che ti senti, ma forse c'era qualcuno lì fuori che ti aveva già notato (...e speriamo non fosse qualche avvocato della Apple) :)

    Ad maiora

  70. thanks for your work

  71. Zibri dont speak that way nobody forced you to do this but if you have entered in the game you must stay at till the end and not speaking like this, when you apeard on italian tv you werent speaking like this it would be fair to all of us yust to say i cant do it if it is the case not to mislead us and insult us !!!!you can chose not to post my post i dont mind you can do it what you want!!!

  72. I think that Zibri guy has some serious psychological problems.

  73. Ci sono persone che stanno cercando di infangare il nome e il grande lavoro di Zibri e questo non è assolutamente giusto.. c'è troppa gente pronta a andare dove li porta il vento senza un minimo di ricoscenza verso colui che ci ha fatto usare senza troppo difficoltà il nostro amato IPHONE EDGE senza ricordarsi che non lui non ci ha mai chiesto nulla in cambio!

    Grazie ZIBRI qualunque decisione tu prenda riguardo lo slocco del firmware 2.0.

  74. Your right zibri, i think IF YOU HAVE A CURRENT IPHONE 3g isnt worth buying, but...... if you want a iphone and you dont have one and you want one FOR CHEAP then get the 3g but if you want a new iphone and you dont have one and YOU DONT CARE ABOUT THE PRICE then get 8g or 16g! Oh, and i agree that people should stop begging about a new ziphone! IT WILL COME WHEN IT COMES!!!!!!!!!!

  75. oh yeah and i love that your such a pussy that you have to review every comment on your blog before it shows up so no one says anything bad about poor zibri.



  78. Zibri what you have done is amazing. You made the iphone affordable for me and saved me around £600. I feel for you but to be honest the majority of stuff on the internet is bullshit. Thank you again

  79. lolchino

    Hey zibri.. i think u r one of the best out there.. just do ur magic and good luck...

    U r the man !!!

    >> chino<<

  80. plzz come out with a ziphone that work on 2.0 to unlock it cause my fone got updated my mistake now its locked. ziphone is the best hack eva

  81. Zibri, thanks for everything! You are the best! With love from Russia! =) Stay tuned. ;)

  82. Ammazza che casino. Non credevo che il mondo per gente come te Zibri potesse essere così pieno di gente di m...
    I've red around the web a bit, and seen what you are talking about. There are lots of people around here waiting for the release, most are like me... Normal people waiting to get the chance to load 2.0 in their phones. We are all excited about the possibility. Many of us (me included) would actually never even have bought the phone in the first place, without a tool like yours...

    So we sit here, sometimes anxious, sometimes angry for waiting, but never mad at you for taking your time to do things properly.

    Am I waiting for you? Yes... But am I angry? Not at all.

    Take care, enjoy what you are doing.

    Buona settimana e buon lavoro da uno di quelli che per far lo "sborone" ha bloccato il telefono ed é indeciso se aspettare il tuo sw oppure rimettere tutti i cocci al loro posto e andare avanti con 1.1.4. (che faccio? torno indietro o ti aspetto ;-) ).

    Ciao ciao

  83. Zibri,

    I am sorry for you to receive such hatred messages from irresponsible people after you give them advice and ziphone (freely). I understand that you develop Ziphone for your own use and if you want to end Ziphone it is your right to do so too.

    Just remember that you have a lot more people who appreciate your work, and I urge to anyone who currently uses Ziphone to give donation to you for your effort.

    I live in Jakarta, and I plan to purchase iPhone 3G next month. I will need your software because my country is not in the list and I will make a donation to you.

    I hope you realized that you have become an icon of freedom against corporate oppression.

    Thanks again Zibri, keep up the good work!


  84. Hey Zibri, your previous work was awesome. I can't wait for you to release something for the 2.0 firmware. Take your time and do it right the first time.

    There's no reason for all these people to be pissed at you because you haven't released one yet.

  85. let me share you my story zibri.
    i bought my iphone ten day ago, and i searched to find something to unlock it. and i try many things, until i had Ziphon. i used it, and it was so good and easy to use and effecient.
    then i wanted to know more about it, and i discover how some people is just jalousie of your work, and try to talk lies about you and about Ziphone.
    and guess what!! yesterday i accidently update my iphone and i lost everything, and i spend the whole day trying to fix it, and i try all the programs but nothing work, UNLESS the ziphone it works perfectly.
    VIVA Ziphone, VIVA zibri, dont worry about whoever is trying to let you down. ,you are the best of the best of the best.

  86. i dont know why ppl are rushing to jailbreak their 3g or 2g iphones for 2.0, when the jailbreak comes out, our free app wont work until the developers get ahold of a jailbroken 2.0 iphone, so ppl chillout with the bs comments, let the man do his work!!

  87. Hello, Zibri. Do not pay any attention to idiots:) what you are doing a very wonderful! Thank you for everything. P.S. Ukraine (Lug.sity).

  88. how u doin ZIBRI ok i know ur not working on the new version but is there a way we can just install the appstore cuz all i really want is the myspace app and the AIM app THANK YOU

  89. Zibri, I`m also visiting many other sites and I`m laughing with this fake war created by the others.

    I just would like to have 2.0 to view my pps files...just this...the rest is worthless.

    I`m sure that "they" have everything ready...but they need this egocentric game.

    Seems that the unlock is a 2nd priority now...

    Your job is amazing, thx.

  90. Zibri you rock! I'm sorry people hassle you. Its bull shit. You release a free program which honestly is probably worth $1000, and yet people whine and complain for more work and updates. The program is fine at 3.0 :) No need to update if you ask me, you did a badass job! The only thing ide like to see down the road is some stuff for 2.0 on my iPod Touch so I can update but 1.1.4 is fine if thats how you wish you keep things.

  91. how u doing zibri well anyways i understand u cant put installer the new 2.0 version cuz i have a 16gb 1.1.4 but i just want the appstore and the new myspace app, and also the AIM app so if u could show me a way to just install the appstore that'll be great thanx

  92. i'm with you!
    best regards.
    fourseven aka Артем

  93. You Are the Zibri !!!!

  94. there are way more people who love your work than hate it..

    maybe you might hear all the haters.. so it's time all of the supporters speak out!

    we appreciate your hard work and brilliant mind!


  95. You Are the bestone Zibri.

  96. Hey Zibri... i´m from Brazil... of coarse your job comes so far...
    Smart Guy!
    Thank you again... and i hope you continue to give your best in everything that you do here... Anything!

  97. I LOVE IT .... hmmmm forget all those hater and everything... i love what you have done wit the ziphone blog and i love your updates ... i hacked my with ur ziphone and loved it every since ... i have told sooooo many iphoneiers about ur site and they have also hacked theres too ... keep doing what u do.. and fuck them haterz!!! (excuse my french) it just pisses me off when people just dont see the good u have done!! well man ... hope all goes while and once again THANK U!!

  98. I just want to thank you for your program, it is really good, if you realize a new program, people from all over the world will thank you, if not many of us, recognize your work, from México, thank you

  99. Hey Zibri... i´m from Brazil... of coarse your job comes so far...
    Smart Guy!
    Thank you again... and i hope you continue to give your best in everything that you do here... Anything!

  100. hi

    I'enjoying my 1 st gen with 1.4. It's not apple the one who upgrades my phone. Its you. So for me this is not the time for an upgrade. My phone is a hell of a phone thanks to you. I'll just ignore iTunes and wait for MY official upgrade, that is not made by this big company. In the meantime I'll enjoy the great version of the software I have.

    Never give up.

  101. man,keep up the excellent, I sold a lot of Iphone on ebay, that to tur work, I wouldnt dare give up my customize,and installer, most of the apps apps store have, is already on installer, and then u have to 10 dollar more a month for g3,! I have wifi in my house!I'm waiting on u to 2.0! That a million! ( I have donated,to u take regular credit card , I can't stand paypal!!!

  102. Can't believe all the BS flinging around. Zibri said with a few days in advance DO NOT UPDATE...NO ACTUALIZAR...don't know in how many languages you simpletons need this warning to be, so it sticks.

    I personally wanted to upgrade to 2.0 to see what the fuss was about...I but USED MY BRAIN!!!! I fisrt used ZiPhone 2.6 to put it in refurbish mode (excellent option, which I found missing in 3.0). Once I restored it and took away the jailbreak, I restored the software using iTunes 7.7 and upgraded it to 2.0.

    It worked, and my iPhone is working fine...Because I took the precautions of keeping the files for both the firmware 1.1.4 and the iTunes 7.5, I can go back to 1.1.4 anytime and use Ziphone to do the thing again...I tried it and it worked.

    The problem here is that you idiots don't think!.

    Zibri...its OK to be pissed at all these morons now demanding your to help them....How many of these beggars have actually contributed by donating...I did!

    Take your time to do your thing and it's your choice not theirs or anyone's, if you decide not to give the new ZiPhone.

    If you do release the new ZiPhone thanks!...If you don't....this should be a lesson to all of the leaches out there...Support the people that do the job.

  103. I hope you keep up your efforts.. I dont have the ability to hack I want to buy a 3G Iphone online from ATT which will come un activated (In a month or so) and I want to unlock it to use my current $20 per month Iphone sim. I dont like the idea of having to pay another $10 a month for 3G. I dont care if I am locked to another two year contract. I spend enough for cell phone service for my family. I would rather send the money to you for your efforts..
    Thank you!!!!

  104. thank you for everything zibri! i had a lot of fun with 1.1.2-1.1.4 jail broken with your amazing apps. i'm now on 2.0, and i'd have to say i think i'm happy without it being jail broken. there are plenty of useful free apps out on the apps store, and i wish you the best of luck in the future! again, thanks for all of your hard work and generosity towards the community!! :)

  105. Take your time, we would rather have it right than quick!!

  106. in hebrew we say Kol Akavod, it means all the honour/respect to you zibri....I am honest I love my iphone, but still is only a phone. If I'll manage to use the 2.0 I'll be happy to play more with this gadget if not, nevermind. ALl this just to tell you KOL AKAVOD zibri!


  107. Zibri, thanks for your unlock....
    i am using my iphone few months after it. no glitches, everything fine.

    big thanks to you again....

    dont listen to those shiteaters who wanna make you guilty...
    you are not alone, and we support you

  108. What the hell is this? Another Zibri imposter?

  109. Yo!

    I just upgraded to the iPod touch this week and heard about your site for jailbreaking it.

    I've only had it running for two days and it's amazing. I know these things can take time so I'm in no worry. If you ever release a new one, I know you would want to make it perfect.

    So keep up the good work in what ever you decide to after this. And a big thanks for the 1.1.4 jailbreak :D

  110. Every iphone user love you zibri,
    nevermind we'll with you always zibri is a brand name now...

  111. To be honest. i'll buy iphone 3G once Zibri release the unlocking tool for that. it doesnt matter after one year. but id Z says he will not release than i'll go for another tool. Ziphone simply the best among all..

  112. I payed for the software that opened up my iPhone. I will pay again for the software that opens up 2.0 on the same iPhone.
    Get on it, Zibri!!

  113. Y



    T simple as that...
    : )
    Take all the time you need,
    your worth waiting for!

    Many thanks.

  114. keep doing what your doing and stay true to your self thanks for the jailbreak ,,dont feed into all the haters

  115. Rocks.

    Don't take any notice of the things others are saying.

    they are just jelous. Non of therehacks are as easy as yours to use.

    Keep up the good work.

  116. Stop comment iPhoners!!! Let him working. Your duty just wait & DONATE ... Donate plissss... Good Luck Z ! Your Fans from Indonesia living in Switzerland

  117. It really sux when a large number of the community behave in an inappropriate manner like this.
    I really don't understand it - a great piece of software is provided as a FREE service, and all you hear are people complaining that it hasn't been released as soon as THEY want.
    Its comments like this that closed down another of my favourite community projects.
    I personally really look forward to your release - its a quality product and I am more than happy to wait for a nice bug-free and stable release.

    Good luck mate, and please don't give up n us - there are people who still believe in the greater community...

  118. Hello, zibri came through today to check out the page and i read your blog. I was pretty amazed of what you said, seems people been complaining. I just want to let you know if it helps that i thank you and appreciate the work you have been doing because i am going through my computer engineering stage and i know this aint a joke and your doing this for free. Its free software. I agree with you 3G phone aint no different i didnt see any major difference to buy a another 16 iphone but whatever. I dont mind the 2.0 though, just to see some of the apps these developers are coming out with, it would never replace some of the apps from installer though. SO Yeah keep up the difficult, long work and we people will continue to donate and help as much. Thanks dude

  119. Zibri u r just right.....
    I an not a real iphone owner... i just used it for a while. I am thinking of get a new one(3g). But i agree with u, a have a n95 and the thing that i use less is the GPS. There is a way to buy the Iphone now whithout have to aquire a AT&T account?

  120. A big thanks with an even bigger HUG coming your way Zibri... Thanks for all you have done for us....

    BTW... I'm not gunna buy any 3G because I don't need 3G and the GPS is WIFI which uses the bandwidth (which SUCKS!!!!)

    Keep up the good work man....

  121. hi Zibri.
    I myself don`t want 3G`s unlocking program, I just want normal iPhone`s program to unlock my iPhone...

  122. Wow, amazing... Zibri has attracted some of the dumbest lemmings I have seen since AXXO was declared a bittorrent god. I feel for you man. One thing that really makes me lose faith in humanity is some of these idiots that are STILL asking, begging for a release. You people should save the oxygen for smarter people and slit your wrists (vertically).

    Then you got websites selling your software and claiming it as their own. I dunno how you do it man. That pissed me off to no end and it isnt even my software! One page even has the balls to say that "they have a team bug testing it now and will release when its ready" How much money can I bet that this magical release from them will happen shortly after Z posts his? Fcking bootleggers of the worst kind.

    I, myself have used your software a total of 2 times and when done correctly worked perfectly. How people screw their devices up is beyond me.

    However, there is one very very very important update in the 2.0 package that I personally have been waiting for since it was announced. WPA-Enterprise wifi support and exchange support. I'm forced to use the shtty student wireless at my job and cant use the much better employee wireless until I get WPA-enterprise on my iTouch. I just wanted to mention this because it seems like people are portraying v2.0 to be a total waste. Don't fool yourselves kiddies, there are some important reasons to upgrade.

    However, I can wait. I see a very huge opportunity for jailbroken 1G devices concerning official apps from the app store. I won't go into detail, but those sharp enough to know will... know what I'm talking about.

    Anyhow, keep it gangsta Zibri.

  123. I agree...I used you to unlock my iPhone..and you warned me not to upgrade, and I did...If you come out with a hack, then you do...if not then you don't...(no offense Dev Team-that wasn't your fault entirely). I think we take our "hackers" for granted sometimes...

  124. i feel for u man, u r right. i have my 1st gen iphone and used your unlocking tool and loving it. i recommend it to all my friends. i don't care what other people say, u r the man. can't wait for you to release the new unlock tool.

  125. I´m going to keep my "Old" iPhone. I don´t need/want the new one.
    In the other hand, if you are sick of people asking, may be you should change your status that claim: "Now full time on this project. I'm here 18 hours/day."
    You became a very public person thanks to your well done hack. You helped many people and you received many publicity in exchange.
    You also noticed that the world is full of idiots, and you are not going to change that.
    May be you should learn to deal with pressure in other way.
    We handle differents kind of pressure everyday.
    There are people who hates us, loves us, admire us.
    If you do not intent keep going with your work, then you should be clearer. If they can´t handle it, then is not your problem!
    Try to live happy and don´t pay attention to those who live to make mess.

  126. I need help please! I upgraded my old phone to 2.0 and cant get it out of recovery mode to downgrade it. iTunes wont pull up the menu to do a manual restore. Can someone please help me.

  127. There is not a day that I don't think about you and I thank God for you and people like you! My Original Iphone is so much more powerful because of you! I will not go to 2.0 until you come out with the rock solid Jailbreak that I have used a number of times.
    You do things the way you want! to modify a quote by Benjamin Zander on
    I don't need to tell you this because you do it:
    go make someone else powerful today!
    God Bless You!

  128. Zibri. Just take a vacation man. 1.1.4 is gonna hold us true supporters of your work. In my opinion just don't release anything. Just collect yourself for now. And if you do down the road release a new ziphone, others and myself would know that another masterpiece is added to your other work.

    Its nice to read these positive comments. Zibri read them. I know you'll have a smile on your face.


  129. Zibri...
    Keep the good work! :)
    Best regards from - Latvia

  130. you've done a great job with this hack, and i really appreciate it!! thank you for putting up with all the crap that needy people like to throw at the voluntarily helpful. without your continued work and patience i wouldn't have unlocked my ipod. keep up the good work, i'm cheering for you!

  131. zibri,

    i'm just really thankful for your brilliance! For that, we all get to use our 1st generation iPhone. You're absolutely correct about the 3G, and I'm 100% satisfied with my 1st gen. wouldn't trade it...


  132. I'm with you.
    I totally agree with everything you said. Thanks for everything!

  133. Always with you Z, keep up the excellent work and always your fans.


  134. hey I'm writin this on my iPhone 3g it's a great phone I had a 2g before that I used ur hack on and was amazing ESP for free!!! Only thing I'm missing is the installer function on the 2g I will be watching he blog and all the work I think u could charge and pol would buy without a doubt!! Take it easy and ignore the haters!

  135. Respect man,
    BIG HELLO from Banja Luka...

  136. I was wondering when Zibri’s patience would run out. Listen everyone, Zibri owes us NOTHING. You do have a few options.

    1) Write your own unlock/jailbreak tool.
    2) Go stand in line with everyone else for a legitimate phone/plan.
    3) Listen to Zibri and support him by donating.

    Give the man some space. No one cares why you need the 2.0/3G or that you bricked your phone because you didn't listen.

  137. I would like to thank you for putting together a program that
    made jailbreaking simple again. I have read some of the negative comments that have been written on other sites.
    It seems to me they're pissed because you're something of
    an iPhone rockstar. You were the first I know of to put all the pieces together with an easy to use interface. It was a
    great idea and I would like to thank you. Keep your chin up, keep on rockin' and don't let the douche-bags get you

  138. Totally man! Ziphone is the Originator.
    Respect. (And Peace.)

  139. zibri you know "your the shit man"!! plain and simple keep up the good work and forget what all the other clowns out there are saying.they hate but look at how many people stand behind you and your hard work. how many downloads you have had and i don't know how many times your 3.0 software saved me from a screwed up iPhone. plain and simple "your programs are the best thing since sliced bread". i trust you all the way and if this is it for you then this is it for me. looks like well both be looking at the google

    sincerly, Mike Garza

  140. Pure and simple if people are hating on you that means you have done and/or are doing something RIGHT! If you are doing something wrong people just sit back and laugh at you, but when you are the BEST they hate.

    Haters Have a job, and that is to hate. They get blinded by the light of real genius, and they hate on it. If you have 1000 haters now, you should be hoping for 5000 by the end of summer.

    If what you do was easy idiots wouldn't have updated to 2.0 when you clearly said not to. You don't owe anyone anything. Anyone that has used your hack owes you! Charge for it next time. I know I would! I also know I would gladly pay for your Hack.

    I have two reasons for wanting the new 3g. I was not going to pay full price, so being eligible for an upgrade I got a 16 gig for less than buying an 8 gig. Second my finacee is tiny and gorgeous and when she goes jogging I worry, so with gps if she were nabbed I and the police would have a much better chance of finding her with a gps equipped iphone. That being said I would also love to be able to put other apps on it that I don't have to go through the apps store for. Everyone jumped down Microsofts throat for years for doing what Apple is doing now. It's your great work that returns the control back over to the little guy.

    Great job! I check your site everyday, and will continue too!

    You Rock!

    Much Respect
    From Baton Rouge, LA

  141. Zi...

    you are the best fuck the rest...
    I have had donate to you!
    and I will do more...
    what's important here for you is to enjoy what you doing!

    i don't care if you release 2.0 or not! but i care about a good hacker who can do some goods! and that's the main reason for donation!

    besides, if any one out there talk about you, hater or lover, fan or not, that means you are a big deal to the community! so look at the whole thing from the top and see how important your decisions are for the people around you...

    as you see you have more fans than haters so be happy! and try to enjoy what you doing!

    take your time and let every one release what ever shit they want to release!

    quality not quantity!!!

    and big yourself up man!
    that post puts me down, I feel you are depressed!!! hackers are the happier people bcoz they can what we can't do...

    enjoy the life...
    take it easy man...


  142. Zibri, all my respect to your work; it's amazing.
    Please calm down and relax, don't let that this pleople disturb you.
    Thanks a lot for Ziphone, thanks to you I hace my iPhone working in El Salvador since March '08 without any problem. Please keep doing what you most like.

    Peace to all
    El Salvador

  143. I have used your format in my iPhone until I updated to the new vertion 2.0. And let me tell you it was much better when I used to have your format. I regret so much I changed it. I just hope you take your time and develop a new vertion for the firm 2.0. Just take your time and by the way I want to apreciate your hard work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  144. you know what funny thing is ??

    On iPhone 3G launch, I saw many people listed hacked iPhone 3G already on eBay...

    I asked them... "Do you know... okay okay, can you actually unlock it?"

    They replied "No, but SOON hacking will come out"

    Then what's the point of selling UNLOCKED iPhone without unlocking ?!?!

    I believe those sneaky sellers are the people have been begging you. Zibri... when I used old one, you were like a fallen star... you made everything works with one click. I respect and appreciate all of your effort (no matter they were for your own or not)

    Don't worry about those bastards... they will end up getting bashed by customers who bought their locked-unlocked-iPhone LOL.

    Do whatever you want. If you don't want to develop& release new hack, jswut don't do that. it's your life, and your don't get paid for that anyway... while those bastards are making money out of it.

  145. Also, agreed on Zibri's decision to bow out, and not get ensnared in the War of the Kids - who are only vying for attention, not actually to do something useful (as can be witnessed by various misleading videos being posted by these same kids).

    The difference is that Zibri is clearly a mature adult, not interested in notoriety, and mostly here to scratch his own itch -- his reasons to delay and take his time, as previously, make sense. There is no rush, and no 'need' to have to have an iPhone 3G right away. He won't be involved in some crazy patching contests, nor in the creation of some Frankenstein code to claim 'fame'.

    Over the versions, ZiPhone has consistently worked well, because Zibri took the time to *TEST* what he released, which is why his work did not brick iPhones (something the Dev Team can not claim).

    In closing, I applaud Zibri's efforts, and I agree that he wholeheartedly deserves to step down at the height of his contributions.

    Bravo, Zibri, Good luck with anything else you attempt.

  146. Hi Zibri....

    You Rock!
    You have a true hack and a masterpiece with ZiPHONE ...

    Many are Jealous because they can't do what you can!

    God Bless You & Keep up the good work ... we need you

  147. listen out there,
    learn to think before taking actions.
    be happy with what you got.
    why demanding more?
    that just what us feel that life is unsatisfactory all the time.
    don't let that get into you.
    i still love my 2G iphone

  148. You are a great guy. Keep up the good work. Thank you for everything!!! =D

  149. Zibri, Love the software.

    Before ZiPhone came along, there were many less elegant ways to jailbreak and unlock.

    The fact that it's so easy that the masses can do it may be why you have a few unappreciative idiots here and there, please ignore them, as if you haven't noticed by now, the world is full of idiots.

    That being said, even being the idiot I am, I AM NOT upgrading my firmware until ZiPhone can jailbreak 2.0 So, if you never build it.. I guess I'm just stuck with the kickass config I already have. Damn. =D

  150. keep it going bro, you are the real deal

  151. Z-Man, thanks to ZiPhone many of us are enjoying the iPhone for free! Yes Free! You've done a great thing and I just wanted to say thanks (see Paypal donation!) for Ziphone. Be well. Much regards from Cincinnati, Ohio!

  152. Relax... we all love u..

  153. hey zibri thanks for all you have done man.. but it would be nice if you could release something so we all could upgrade to the 2.0.. thnaks alot man.... i hope you can release somethin ....

  154. Zi.

    Hang in there brother.
    Some people are just d*cks. They'll get theirs in the end.

    I've only come to know of you in the past few weeks when I got my first used iPhone to unlock for T-Mobile.

    I work in the software biz. Your wares are professional, they work, and I feel 100% confident in your wares over others I researched.

    Don't let the d*cks get to you. For those like me who have donated, we love ya!


  155. this is fucking discussting.People keep saying I do not want that dam new realize I do not even care, I just want to say well done. What ever you are going to do we are with you.... that is a bullshit. Of course most of them can not even wait to see the new version.That is why they came here to solve the problem and make money from free stuff and sell it on ebay or whatever.If I were Zigi I would not realize nothing 'cos people out there making money from others who can understand those tricks.
    knowledge must be free so let it be....

  156. You tell them mate...Don't let the dirty unwashed few tell anything. You are the one putting in the work and I for one appreciate it

  157. hey man i love what you do for all the iphone users out there. you do some incredible things. i recently have updated my iphone to software version 2.0, and am unaware of any current fixes for this. i was just wondering if theres anything u might request or any ziphone version that might cure my stupid mistake . thanks very much and ur awesome dude

  158. Wow I gotta admit I am suprised. I did not expect to to come to and find you flaming on the front page about flamers. All you are doing is "Feeding the trolls" by showing them that they have gotten to you. My advice to you would be to ignore the flamers and not to freak out about it on your main page leaving a bad taste in the mouth of you fans/appreciative users. Of course it is your page to do what you want with and my leaving this comment may be no better than what you are upset about.

  159. Besides saying "Thank you!" Are you making a donation?

    Because I used ZiPhone, I have saved many hundreds of $s -- I don't talk much on my iPhone, so having a TMobile pre-paid plan is a great saver.

    10€ to Zibri :^) Thank you!

  160. We are at your mercy sir. We need you. We all are thankful. I wiil not buy a new iphone- I refuse to cave. I will also look into the new Android platform that is coming out later this year. Whithout you we will have to bow down to apple. Without you I would have to pay more attention to my girfriend. Thank you.

  161. I still love my 'old' Iphone and still feel it was worth the $600 I paid for it. I've looked over the app store and have decided thus far not to upgrade to the 2.0 software. Thanks for all you've done for so many iphone users.

  162. Sorry it's been a bad experience for you mate.
    Thankyou for all your hard work up to this point, and whether or not you continue, I give you my sincerest gratitude.


  163. i'm neither a begger or lover nor someone who hates you - i used your ziphone app several times and i made a donation with paypal - this is, of course, no right to receive the new app, i know! but you zipre made a (your) business with ziphone, your side changed several times, new "sponsors", new links, and of course a punch of money - so don't bother our customer....

  164. well said zibri.....u know that with fame comes hate u just gotta learn to deal with it....just ask any famous person....if u didnt receive hate then u should be worried....rock on

  165. you are the best ..i love my 2Giphone too. i am with yo 101% yeah!

  166. is selling zibris software for $39.99
    dont fall for that

  167. hey zibri settle down there buddy, take a breath and dont sweat ignorant people ;o)

  168. You are the man, WE LOVE YOU! get some rest if you need to! we know that you are working hard! GOD BLESS YOU! don't forget us!

  169. z you know we all admire you for your work keep it up.
    your dooing a great job and i agree with what you said thanks for all youre hard work

  170. I can't agree more, it's your work do whatever you want with it ;)

    By the way thank you for letting me unlock my ipod touch!

  171. not sure how you can say you hate the iphone when clearly you make a living out of it ?

    to quote YOU

    "Now full time on this project. I'm here 18 hours/day. Join #ziphone on For support !"

    clearly you hate it so much that you make a living out of it ?

    dont get me wrong, we love your work - but dont say you hate it.

  172. I know U R frustrated, understandably, but I hope U don't give up the ship. Your work has given so many so much pleasure and it kills me to think I won't be able to click on my firery little Z icon any more. I'm an actor and know what it's like to have people think they can say ANYTHING they want to U because U R in the public eye. Be strong because a lot more people love you than hate, believe me. Onward and upward baby!!!

  173. Hey Z,

    You have done a lot for the iPhone and the jailbreaking community. I just want to give you a round of applause, you have done wonders for me and my family to overthrow the cost of a giant canceling of a contract and then starting a new one. Once again you have done a lot, and im always here to support you ten fold. Keep up the awesome work!

    Thanks again buddy,

  174. i believe in you!

  175. Zibri, thanks to your work i could activate and use my phone. I live in mexico and this way dont have the need to buy an AT&T contract. I updated my 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 and from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 and finally to 1.1.4. I have used your app to upgrade it in two ocations. Thanks again for your work.

    Daniel gallo

  176. By allowing absolut no negativ feedback in your comments you clearly show that this blog is being censored. If you would be smart you would allow at least a little negativism in the comments. but you choose not to do that. Otherwise you asked people to provide you with 3G hardware in order to be able to hack it. You had a lot of donations from which you can buy loads of iphones at will.

    But rather than doing so you just hop on the media train to proove that you are the man which you are not.

    I really hope that the ziphone project ceases from existance soon. It never had a future in the way you did it.

    You skills where limited in a copy and paste coding way from the beginning and since that have not gotten any better.

    I feel sorry for you.

  177. 200% agree with you.

  178. you do a great job Zibri, anyone who says otherwise is just internet scum

  179. Well "Z" You have been a great help to this community. Im sorry to see that you have been begged and spammed other such a small thing. In my opinion jail braking has died, the appstore has won my money and I love it. One question I would like to ask is will you ever consider making apps for download in the appstore? I know you have a life but so do I yet I still find the time to help out the halo mac modding community. I hope you dig threw the mess that used to be a great and original community, and if you do diced that the hacking is getting to great for even you then I ask that you at least leave us with something that is special. It doesn't have to be a new ZiPhone, but something that will leave a lasting imprint on the once loving community.

    with great respect

    -M® Møds

  180. Some people are pretty stupid.

    Why would you even ask for the 2.0 version to be broken when it already has a freakin' Appstore of its own? In my opinion, YOU chose to upgrade, so you decide to make the best of what you upgraded for. You're obviously not pleased if youre asking, so admit your choice sucked and move on.

    I'm not saying it shouldn't be done eventually but from here out Apple is bound to upgrade sometime soon from 2.0 to 2.01 or 2.1, so why don't we just give Zibri a break or some relaxation because he sure as hell deserves it.

  181. "I have my life"

    Best sentence I have read!!!

    Take your time and let them .....whatever.......

  182. If you ever go on developing another version for 2.0 I will thank you as always did. And you know, being thankful is a great thing in life.

    Thank you!!

  183. Hi Zibri.

    In Luxembourg we say:
    Give a finger, they take the hand.
    Give a hand, they take the arm
    I freely add, lend a hand and they'll get you by the balls.

    I think you made a great job and be asured of my gratitude.

    Again kind regards and all the best for you

  184. Totally agree with you.

    Absolutly work of a genius what you have done so fare.

    THX man.

  185. Tell them all to *** off, we'll wait until you are ready !

    Keep the faith!

  186. Zibri, Namaste

    We all with you. Keep doing your good work, ask how may we support. See you got fans across the world. Dont get down with some crap posted on websites, no one believe. What speak louder is the action. Just release your version of ziphone as fast as you can, you can stop all critics with one click.

    I thank you for your earlier ziphone versions, i have used it, and i recommond everyone of my friends.

    Bye, Wish you health and wealth

  187. Z., just ignore those post of you doing it all for money or smth...
    Thanks for your effort, we know what it is worth!
    Thanks again!

  188. hi
    thanks from CASABLANCA MOROCCO

  189. Poor Zibri, I guess your time has gone.
    Anyway, thank you a lot for spending your energy and time to realease an easy and friendly unlocking tool.

    Now, it's time playing in the big league with or without you.

  190. Zibri, dont get worried about those that are negative. Many of us appreciate all your work and we can be patient for any of your developments which we have enjoyed free of charge.

    I consider anyone doing what they do to the apple iphone a HERO lol. Seriously no pressure and as I said you have the backin go fthe vast majority.

    I am strong believer ... actions speak louder than have done this already.



  191. Zibri, dont get worried about those that are negative. Many of us appreciate all your work and we can be patient for any of your developments which we have enjoyed free of charge.

    I consider anyone doing what they do to the apple iphone a HERO lol. Seriously no pressure and as I said you have the backin go fthe vast majority.

    I am strong believer ... actions speak louder than have done this already.



  192. Zibri, dont get worried about those that are negative. Many of us appreciate all your work and we can be patient for any of your developments which we have enjoyed free of charge.

    I consider anyone doing what they do to the apple iphone a HERO lol. Seriously no pressure and as I said you have the backin go fthe vast majority.

    I am strong believer ... actions speak louder than have done this already.



  193. I support you Zibri, no matter what others think. You have done a great job and we all appreciate your help.

  194. I think your software is great zibri... you have provided an amazing service to all of us millions of people. its obvious that you are loved. lol. but like the saying goes "every good thing must come to an end". if this is the end of this then so be it. thank you for all that you have done up to this point!!


  195. Hi Zibri,

    I totally agree with you on this one, you didnt have to give your software away for nothing but im really glad you did tho... I get loads of enjoyment from my iphone because of you...

    I also agree that the 3g version of the iphone is not worth buying the difference between the iphones is minimal and 3g?? why would you want to pay for 3g when i can use my wifi.

    Dont let the others get you down, take your time ad if you do release something im sure it will be worth the wait! :)