Monday, February 18, 2008

And I swear I will do no harm...

In the picture: Robert Picardo (voyager holographic doctor)

Some facts:

  • ZiPhone never bricked an iPhone not even during first personal tests.

  • ZiPhone actually repaired many previously bricked iPhones.

  • 99% of "bugs" I have been reported are for the same reason.

  • ZiPhone never touches internal security data. -i option just fakes them.

You can restore the phone to "refurbished" state just issuing:
ziphone -e

then ziphone -D and do a full restore to any os. (thieves, you are warned!)

Some common mistakes:

iTunes should not be killed. ZiPhone is against violence :)
and just ignores it and it's helper.

OSX users often have vmware running.
ZiPhone and iTunes must run on the same OS.
When doing a full restore with -D option, set
the phone as a new phone in iTunes and sync back
your data. That's the most common mistake.
The reason: data backed up from previous
jailbroken iPhones is wrong for a real 1.1.3 OS.
When you open Installer for the first time,
refresh sources, then install BSD Subsystem
from the System category before installing anything else !
About the "low space issue", there is a utility
you can find in Installer that can move the
application directory to the second iPhone
partition thus allowing you to have has many
application your brain could bear :)
If you want to have the Z icon back after deleting,
there is a 'secret' option that restores only the icon
hint: it was meant for test)
The options of ZiPhone are case sensitive! I did that
on purpose to allow people to focus before issuing
commands and read the usage.

Enough said for now,

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  1. hi zibri first of let me say thanks a million for your handy work with ziphone its worked perfectly everytime ive used it so far and even better that its free keep it up m8 we all thank you so so much forget all the hater m8 they jus wish it was them that had done it or knew how to do it first lol sucks 2 e them lol anyways my question was about the imei spoof could i implement this in my second iphone the 8gb 3g version or is the baseband update jus way to different for me to even try thanks again all the best for christmas an new year