Thursday, May 1, 2008

The worst is yet to come... :)

Photo courtesy of [Magda]lena

In the past few days I have been busy disassembling
and analyzing what we could call a "gold" 2.0 firmware.
I say gold because it's expiration date is the
4th of June so all features are there already.
Well 2.0 will not have MMS, not have cut & paste,
no new applications (guess why!). So, aside from exchange
support and appstore what did they change ? I'll tell you: security !
Yes, Apple tightened iPhone security (their security not yours)
a new crypto algo has been introduced
(and promptly defeated as expected).
No more "8900" files but IMG3. Firmware 2.0 will require
a new iTunes version and a new "mobiledevice" framework.
If it were for me I would not even bother to hack this version
but I know many of you are going to upgrade so I will release
a new ziphone version after the official release.
I already patched activation (lockdownd)
and unlock / Fake IMEI (baseband firmware).
To fully test this version I will need a Mac (I don't have one yet)
and thanks to the help of forum
I will probably have one soon.

About the 3G iPhone:
The 3G iPhone will share almost the same firmware
of the actual iPhone, so, again, no big news.
I wish the community could react to all this and start
developing on the actual firmware version but I know
that will not happen.
I am getting bored lately but even
if I received a big proposal to acquire ziphone
I will not let you down.
Please stop complaining about your bricked phone
if you used other methods.
And keep donating if you want this project to live.

Take care and have fun!

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  1. i update my iphone from itunes. I can not able to get back 1.1.4. even when i m trying to put the iphone in DFU or recovery mode i can not able to put that. and also it saw different kind of logo in DFU/recovery mode. Can u give me any suggestion to fix that? Thanks