Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Security by obscurity never worked.

Photo by seventytw0dpi

Interesting link.

Sniffing my own LAN traffic during an ipod update
I found this interesting link :)

The url asks apple for the link of ipod touch upgrades.
Inside it you will find the download link for iPod firmware.

Happy upgrading :)


  1. omg zibri u r so amazing i luv u long time!

  2. You seem to have a talent for writing great titles and perfect pictures to match.

  3. Lol... Lawl... Jaja... Xaxa

  4. well done as always, you rock!!!!

    thank you!!!!

    much regards from us..

    Ciao ;)

  5. Is this any different from the "http://phobos.apple.com/version.xml" file? I've known about this file for quite a while - I assumed everyone did.

    - Paulb

  6. Yes. It's different.

    It contains the link to download iPod Touch 2.0.1 software :)

  7. Firmware 2.0.1 is out !

  8. Zibri MAN!
    Sup and thanks!
    looking for the new version of
    ziphone anytime soon?
    Thanks man!

  9. hey zibri any update on iphone firmware 2.0

  10. excelent! realy nice found


  11. i don't get it! someone please explain!!

  12. does this mean that you will be working on a jailbreak for version 2.0.1? or are you bowing out gracefully?
    please don't leave! i have been restraining from jailbreaking just because you haven't caom out with a jailbreak yet!

  13. I mirrored the file discovered by Zibri here:

    It's formatted in a more human-friendly way.

  14. I'm a little confused. I see a bunch of other ipsw files? Are they fo all the iPods?

  15. Que grande eres!! ;)

  16. Damn, dude.... how the mighty have fallen... Good try!

  17. eckofish:

    I'm waiting for someone to notice my comunication skills.
    That's my real love.

  18. is it just for the ipod or can i do my iphone too?????

  19. Hi Zibri,

    Cool find, I bought my mom the upgrade for her iPod already, I wish I waited for this though!

    Anyways, I'm really anxious to get the 2.0 on my iPhone asap, it would be especially nice if you did it before August 15th, because I leave for a plane at 4AM that departs at 6:05 AM.

    So I would like to play some Enigmo on the plane, I've kept the 10$ saved for a long time.

    I hope you can do it!

    Either way, when I get back I'll download it if it's not ready by then.

  20. What's so amazing about this? The ipod firmware 2.0.1 is already on a few torrents since its release and would be available throughout real soon.

    Z. It's kind of getting a bit old with a point here and a point there. Its about time that you wrote something about progress on the next version of ZiPhone or if there is even going to be one available or not.

    I loved ZiPhone, but this time i used Pwn tool to get 2.0 activated and unlocked on my phone (and surprisingly it was a very very simple process than what others claimed it to be). I am now running OS 2.0 with over 120 custom applications on it (most from AppStore [and cracked full version ones too] and some from Cydia... (not to mention installer 4 is also coming out - i also ran the beta one on my iphone, but it is quite unstable so removed it)

  21. @darkduo009

    Enigmo is quite challenging! Most games on AppStore are just awesome... I couldn't wait for Z either so i used Pwn to upgrade (and it was pretty easy than what everyone leads you to believe)

  22. Awsum lol I thought you were siding with apple and laying down your h4xz0r arms. I salute you Zibri <0

  23. Hey Zibri,
    WOW! Everything you do, from going out of your way to make perfect jailbreaking software, to updating an astounding blog, stuns me. Thank you so much for doing everything you do for us helpless Ipod Touch/Iphone users.
    I had a quick question though. I hope you don't mind! I was wondering if you thought restoring my Ipod Touch to the 2.0.1 firmware would be risky or not. If you can't respond, that's fine! I know you must be a very busy guy! By the way, don't let anyone bug you about the 2.0 firmware jailbreak. They don't understand how hard it is. I think people need to get off your back a little.
    Anyways, thanks again for everything you've done!!!


  24. I don't understand how to use this. All I see is script. I'm a windows vista user.

    I love your work Zibri and I really hope you Jailbreak 2.0

  25. Communication?! I thought that the previous post with the "blue screne of death" and the boobs that wrote the code that caused the "crash" was great. However it may have been missed by the international crowd that is watching this blog.

    Then again you might not have intended it in which case perhaps I'm the one that saw something that wasn't there.

    Hey...if you're having fun, keep doing it. If not.......

  26. I would like to mention that you have done a wonderful job and I know you are frustrated but some of us out here appreciate you for what you have done... Again, thanks.

  27. Zibri -

    I must inform you that you are fantastic, if you weren't already aware. I've got the 2.0 firmware on my computer already, but I'm leaving 1.1.4 on my iPod, as your's is the only work I will trust. If you decide that it's not worth pursuing hacks for 2.0, 2.0.1 (or whatever else the future brings), then you can bet that 1.1.4 will remain on my iPod as long as the thing is running, and I'll remain grateful that you offered such a great solution when you got so little in return. Sometimes you extend your generosity to some people and suddenly they think they're entitled to it. Anyhow, enough ass-kissing -- just keep up the good work! (Whether iPod/iPhone related or not.)

    One last thing -- I'm just a little bit stupid, especially in regard to most things technological. Looking through the URL you posted, I see a bunch of different URLs for the 2.0.1 firmware. Are the different URLs for different sorts of upgrades (eg: 1.1.4 to 2.0.1; 2.0 to 2.0.1; OR mac file vs. pc file)?

  28. and here is the link to 2.0.1 firmware just from apple site =))
    as Zibri said)

  29. and for iTouch =)

  30. hey zibri you are the best...your the only one i trust when jailbreaking my iphone and i wanted to know if there is any future in ziphone....what im saying is that will u make a hack for 2.**

  31. Very Good find. Torrents are not that safe anymore. This way is better. People take your time reading.

  32. People use pwn. Don't waist your time waiting around, obviously Z doesn't want to bring out a new version what ever the reason maybe.

    So stop asking and leave him be. Obviously he can't release something if its already out. I'm using 2.0 which has been pwnes and its working 100#.

    Z do your thing, your not being paid so take as long as you wish, but I tell you this, the pwn tool is easy and simple. If you don't bring out something soon, you'll start loosing all your ''loyal'' fans.


  33. Zibri, You're the best!!!

  34. iphone 2.0.1 is out....tick tock tick tock

  35. There are links in there for all ipod and iphone firmware. You just got to be patient and you'll find the link for 2.0.1 for iPod and iPhone. When you do, just copy and paste it in your web browser and it should ask you to download. Worked for me, even though I don't have iPod but iPhone, but was fun anyway. :-)

  36. I am confused,when you open the link you get a whole bunch of stuff that pops up,what are you supposedto do with it?Do pt one of the http:// in your broswer bar?I don't get how to use it.Can anyone help?

  37. Thanks Zibri, For wonderful tool called Ziphone.

  38. Hey!! great!
    Can someone tell me which link on that page is for 2.0.1 for iPod Touch?

    (Am I correct in thinking I can update with this file and have full functionality? as if I purchased it? and do I right-click restore and choose this file to make it work?)

    sorry 4 all the questions =P

  39. Hey can anyone explain me what all of this mean? Im totally lost. I dont understand what the link mean. all i see is lots of URL. Please i want to understand

  40. lis this usefull with the iphone too??

  41. so here's my question: if I download TIM's Italian version of software 2.0.1 on my first gen iPhone and update it, will it remain unlocked since the Italian version is unlocked?

  42. Zibri,
    You were right about Apple trying to push a button... http://www.iphonehacks.com/2008/08/deactivate-apps.html#more
    Hope it doesn't affect us anytime soon.

  43. Zibri good looks on the ipod firmware.

    i am still waiting for your v2 iPhone unlock i have always used ZiPhone and always will.

    Here is a site http://audiko.net/ this site is for free ring tones for iphone where u can upload and cut the parts from the song and them make it for iPhone format works with all verison of iphone.
    why pay $2.00 bucks for ring tones?

    "I guess apple loses again"

    and if u post it put my name up- Neal =D

  44. Hi Zibri,

    first I want to say : Well done . You did good work.
    second I have a Question: doyou no , when you 're able to realize the new tool ??
    thirt: woulnd it be possible, to madeout ofthe installera app, for appstore, so you ' re able to install the installer from appstore ?? Wouldn'T it be the simplest thing. ?? If i am wrong tell me !!
    4th: howi am able to join the irc Chat =?? I dont get it !!
    so, go on zibri

  45. Hi Zi !
    Wrote to you earlier but the comment din get published.

    Really need help, dont know where else to post so plz bear with me .

    I have iphone 1.1.4 activated on AT&T. Never jailbroken , never unlocked.
    What should I do if i want to jailbreak and unlock it for a different sim.
    Should i do "Do it all" or do something else in the advanced features. I have ziphone 3.0 and 2.6b.
    I have searched a lot but havent been able to find a solution.

    Plz help !

  46. i dont really know. if 2.0 its worth it.. its very very unstable...and most of the great apps wont work they way it should..
    i went there allready... and i love 1.1.4 ... and of course the ziphone tool.

    keep the good work, in whatever you are doing...

    --- great picture ---

  47. Hello Z. Just wanted to say to all the loosers out there that are complaining about you,why do they loose their time writing all these stupid things, well its very easy because they can't go anywhere better and that's why they are all waiting for your outstanding work

    Just keep us posted on when can we update our generation 1 iPhone to software 2.0

    Best regards Eli from Belgium and you are the king of the world

  48. I made the stupid mistake of upgrading my firmware on my first gen iphone and am regretting every second :( I am patiently awaiting your supreme brilliance so i can free my iphone from this current platform and won't use anything else but you! In honor of that i have also donated to the cause - long live Zi!!!!!

  49. I still dont think everyone has picked up on the communication aspect of that prior post.

    Thanks, I'm going to give it a run.

  50. All you people are so funny!!! 99% of you are resellers who are waiting to get your hands on an iphone jailbreak and unlock so you can sell your phones on e-bay for outrageous money!

    There will be no 2.0 version of Ziphone soon... so you can all wait until everyone gets their iphone and you have tons of stock in hand that nobody wants!

    Stay away from Zibri!

  51. hey what'sup zibri!!!
    I hope you are alright man??
    I see there different ways you can unlock and jailbreak iPhone 2.0 software.... But I m running firmware 1.1.4 and some of apps not working properly., also when go on google.com it doesnt open, facebook also won't work any more!! So I guess its time for update!!
    we love very thankul what u do, we love your work!
    so plz inform us is it gonna be ziphone 2.0 for iPhone or not??
    thx man. Be cool!

  52. I wish and believe that Zibri does unlock to 2.0 and 2.0.1

  53. okey...now I was trying to upgrade my I-phone from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 and there came an error saying that there wasn't enough memory in my phone, so after I tried 1.1.0 and there still came the message that there wasn't enough memory :S then the phone just froze and I cant do anything on him...just black screen :S don´t know what to do :( what do I do ??????? I really want to get my phone to work :S
    umm...sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong place..couldn't find any e-mail or anything :S it would be grate if you could replay me, because I cant find anywhere something about memory problem :S

    sjana :)

  54. Let me rephrase my question. On this link, it shows different carriers. Why are they there? Can iTunes somehow be fooled to believe you have a TIM iPhone that's unlocked and download that particular software. Hence the phone would be unlocked. Or am I way off?????

  55. You were right zibri!!

  56. Zibri

    It seems that you are a man in demand, i think everyone shares my frustration when they see that the blogs and updates you give in Info are mere facts that are irrelevant to the average user.

    Do i feel like my life has been enriched in the knowledge that there is a flaw in the 2.0 software i am sorry to say no.

    I like all the other users are waiting to unleash the true potential of our new iphones. An we all understand that an unlock/jailbreak tool takes time and dedication to create, thus none of us expect it over night but we would all like to know are you working on this, or should we look at other ways to make free our phones.

    If you are not working on it then there is no issue with that at all, thats fine and completly your choice. It would be fair on your "fans" for you to make a decision either way.

    I am being honest and saying due to my selfish reasons i am keeping abreast of a lot of the original pioneers of the iphone to see who makes the unlock first. Just want to know should i keep abreast of what you are doing?



  57. Unlock Iphone 3G NOW :)

  58. Hey, I just bought my iPod touch yesterday and I want to get the 2.0 update without the ten bucks (we shouldn't have to pay to have the opportunity to, ya know, pay). I've hacked my PSP, so I'm sort of knowledgeable in that sense, but I dunno what I'm supposed to be getting from this link. I did get the download of a file called iPod_24.1.1.2.ipsw Is that what I want to put on my iPod? Or do I want to go ahead and jailbreak it? (I'm currently on 1.1.5, can I still jailbreak it without using the restore option? I don't want to have to put all my stuff on it again)

  59. hello Zibri,

    I got a question for you.

    When do you come out with iphone version 2.0 /2.01/2.02 firmware verion hack of ziphone.

    Im just qurious cause Dev Team already released the 2.0 and (if im ok) tonight the 2.02 firmware hack.

    Cause i dont hear much about you anymore and that makes me sad.

    (Dont take this as a negative comment)

    Kind Regards,


  60. How do you unlock an EDGE iPhone with 2.0.1? Can I still use your new program even though it's not a 3G?

  61. Thanks for the link Zibri, got my ipod touch working now with 2.0 fw.

    Looking forward for your iphone ver 2.0... You have my trust buddy!

  62. Are you planning on even releasing an updated ZiPhone for 2.0+? A few updates on your progress would be nice....

  63. mmmm... you can download the firmware files over the net 2.0 2.1 for 2g, or 2.0 2.1 for 3g, but am i missing the point

  64. maybe zirbi is waiting for apple to finish releasing new firmwares 2.0,2.1 soon 2.2.... is this what your waiting for zibri?

  65. Hi Zibri from Mexico

    Still waiting for you, remeber a lot of people believe in you, so don´t stay in silence say something to us, we are a lot of people waiting for you

    you are the man come on just do it

  66. Others already released their softwares but still zibri???

    We're waiting Man!
    Come on!

  67. It has the ipod touch firmware, otherwise you would have to pay Apple to get them.

  68. I see that some of you say silly comments and as Zibri to release something, you think it's just like that to release something? what if you rushed him and he released something not stable, you will destroy his image, please be patient, remember that Zibri is a one man show when others are big TEAM so if you believe in Zibri, give him time, be patient, and if you find something helpful try to help Zibri, don't just sit and watch and wait.
    Zibri, I support you, I don't care how you do it and what you do, but I see that your software is something you can be proud of

  69. ok i agree with the comment above and im sry zibri....but i dont think it will hurt to know if ur working on something at least....to have our hopes up

  70. Hello there zibri!

    Hey Zibri i have an ipod touch jailbroken on 1.1.3...

    Quick question would i have to update my firmware to 1.1.4 or may i just directly add this onto my ipod touch?

    Anyways amazing find zibri. You have such a talent that few people have. Keep up with your outstanding work!

    ~ Chris B.

  71. Hello I have a question. So my iphone 1.13 was stolen today. I live in New Zealand and the iphone was from the States. My boyfriend unlocked it and I am wondering if when he unlocked it the IMEI number would have been changed????I was going to have Vodafone blacklist it tomorrow but I'm wondering if it will even work if the IMEI number would have changed when he unlocked the phone for me. Thanks for any input

  72. yo zibri wus up man i think im just another person waittin for ur release. Now bro u are more thatn a person. U r famous and u need to understand all of us. To tell u for me u are more than apples and steves and we waitting for a date like apples did on july 11 please bro keep being famous and tell us when ziphone its gonnq be release and how much is gonna be thank u

  73. Zibri,

    What I am: I am a software developer.
    What I am NOT: I am NOT an iPhone developer.

    I say without a shadow of shame that if it weren't for you dude, my iPhone would still be locked up tight. This BS criticism that's floating around is just that: utter fucking bullshit.

    I've followed the "controversy" and defended you every step of the way. What good is technology if one can't use it? You made this easy, made this mainstream. You single-handedly made countless people's iPhone experiences better. I almost never donate to web crap; to you, I did.

    So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've used ZiPhone to unlock about two dozen people's iPhones, and every one of them couldn't be happier. Shit, the rep I dealt with at the AT&T store asked me how I unlocked mine, and when I saw him a week later, HE'D used ZiPhone and recommended it to every new customer that came through with an iPhone.

    And you know what? I know damn well I couldn't have done it without you man. You are a golden god amongst developers.

    Ignore the Luddites; they're jealous. I'm eagerly awaiting your next endeavor, and I'll be first in line to donate and congratulate you again. As part of the online community, I'd like to apologize on their behalf for being asshats.

  74. hey zibri why dont you stop messing around and just posting photos and junk and give us an unlock i mean everyone else has got it you were always the first and tell us what this 837 key is i mean come on man i dont want 3g unlock cause noones got it just get us the 2.0.1 cause im much easier with ziphone than pwnagetool.and i hate the dev team but youre leaving us no choice than to move to pwnagetool maybe you are right maybe ziphone should remain your private software.

  75. zibri i don't mean any harm but i am getting a bit pissed that you haven't been answering that burning question. i mean i respect you and your work and i know that what you do is not easy at all and ill wait another year if i have to for the release just please tell me and tell us all if there will be another release at all

  76. hi sir , can you help me .i've a iphone 1.1.1
    (3a109a) .is it possible to upgrade 1.1.4 now .i tried it through (shift + restore ) firmware 1.1.4 with itune . when i trying it im getting error code 5 . so wht ive to do here for upgrade 1.1.4 . anyones can advice me through my email .mujeeb.its@gmail.com

    thank you

  77. Hey Z. this is my first time of posting on your blog. But I do read it almost on a daily basis. There is no doubt that u are legend. Like one of my brothers will say: "Fuck the rest you are the best." For me you are the best. believe it or not I just fucked my iphone up. And 10X to your powerful software, I got my phone back.
    I've been waiting and even though the 2.0 and some apps seems very attractive, I'll still wait
    One Love My Brother.

    Like you said, its just for fun, Homie keep having fun

  78. You are a God and I can speak for everyone here. You are simply the best my friend. We can hardly wait!

  79. Thank you very much for your work, waiting for your release.

  80. Hi Zibri,
    that sounds excellent
    will your magic help a "bricked.. then pwnd..now running 2.0 imiss Ziphone" iphone? :-)
    Big thanks

  81. Guys, this blog is of huge importance to alot of us

    Will someone please give some of lesser know knowledgeable users a quick guide or run down (or link) on what exactly we are meant to do here

    Please someone help us out

  82. can someone please e-mail me the link to download the ipod 2.0 software. im not smart enough to find it on this page

  83. what an odd place to find this picture! that's Kara! heh..

  84. purpledot:

    Tell Kara I love her eyes :)

  85. I NOW, YOU CAN ZIBRIS.......

  86. god that picture/girl is FUGLY.

  87. hi guys

    I am running firmware 1.1.4 on my jailbroken iphone 2G .Can I update my firmware to 2.0 without worring about my simcard to be rejected?or will I be able to jailbreak it again

  88. yo zibri time to say hi again man.

  89. yeah man forreal what have you been up to? we missing you in the scene