Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm worried.

I'm worried.
What can seem a nice feature is something
really dangerous.
Not allowing background processes
and forcing everything to pass thru the
Apple Push Notification Server
is something Orwell already imagined.
Think about all your data
flowing through Apple and you will start
to get the big picture.
Add to that mobileme, another big brother
keeping everything about you.
Now, this would be nice if it were an optional
feature. But it's not.
It's the only way.
With the iPhone, Apple is showing they
want to keep control of everything.
I hope the industry will take a different
path and won't emulate them.
Every day I'm getting more interested
in google android and more open softwares/firmwares.


  1. Really? All your data passes through someone anyway. I've just learned to understand that I am insignificant enough for anyone to care about my personal information. All they really care about is statistics.

  2. Just like you im hanging out for Android! Open-source has such huge potential and here's hoping Google will succeed well.