Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're near..don't panic!

We're near to the event everyone is expecting.
As soon as the final 2.0 version will be out
I will start working on it.
Shortly after receiving my 3G iPhone
I will also start working on it.
If you upgrade before I say so, please don't
come here crying for help.
It will also be useless to upgrade to 2.0 until
all developers will recompile and test their applications.
If you speak italian you might want to
check http://it.ziphone.org/
(check the second Panorama link)

Keep donating if you want ZiPhone to be free.
Till now, only 1/1000 donated.
And I hereby thank whoever did or helped
this project (like the translators).

1 comment:

  1. Dear Zibri,
    I used your real helpful software before to unlock my friend's iphone, and I thought if there is any problem with uploading version 2.0 it is as easy and fast as before to jailbreak, unlock and activate my own iphone, but now I see that you have warned not to do it!!! unfortunately , I live in a country without any kinds of credit cards!,Iran! but it would be my pleasure to donate for helping you working on this big project if i could! now it's 72 hours of sitting in front of the laptop monitor looking for a solution to use my cellphone only for receiving and making calls and nothing more than a phone!!!!!!
    I'm very grateful with your restless work for solving people's problem, and I'm very curious to know if you are a G.M.C.K.S pranic healer.
    Atma namaste