Monday, November 3, 2008

My virtual vote.

Well, I know, I'm european, but that
doesn't mean I can't cast my vote.
If even one of you is still undecided or
so lazy not to go vote, please do.
Just cast my own vote for this man.
I won't bore you with the reasons.
I'll just tell you that I like many aspects
of this man and I sincerely hope
he'll be up to expectations.


  1. I'm canadian and i vote too for it "virtualy"

  2. Sorry that I disagree with you Zibri, I don't think that voting for someone who allows ABORTION is going to do any good to a country, and so many things that only shows the mankind degradation, sorry, that's my own opinion, and hate the idea that someone will approve the idea of killing babies period.


  3. I'll vote for him for you! OBAMA '08!

  4. Right On!
    Thank you for all you've done for the iPhone community... and for being a clear thinker.

  5. totally not!!!
    i vote john mccain.
    one of the reasons, obama is pro abortion, and that is really not appropriate with a president of america!!!

  6. GO OBAMA!!
    im American nice choice

  7. alpaca & cristv77:

    I agree with you.
    But that's a choice.
    You are not forced to do it.

  8. Zibri, I'm really sorry to hear that you agree with me against abortion, and still votes pro that, it's a huge contradiction for someone so smart like you, and it's true, it's a personal choice, and my choice is, NO BABIES MURDERS!!!, let the adults kill each other at war, they chose that, see, they can defend and they chose to go to war, but babies..., they are innocent and they can't defend themselves, not pro Mccain ether, but is the less worst.


  9. How can someone be pro abortion? Do obama recommend abortion for people? :D

    And for north european like me, thinking that abortion would even be subject on common election is from other planet..

    its not somethig that can be decided on public vote.. its very hard and very personal decision

  10. Thanks I'll cast my vote for both of us. Appreciate all your hard work.

  11. Hey all, I know I'm usually not welcome on this blog, but for once Zibri and I agree on something. To all you categorical anti-abortionists, please, just think through this with me:

    Almost no one is pro-abortion, including Obama. To say someone is is to simply drink in the political propaganda or to be simple-minded. No one likes the idea of abortion. For the mother it's traumatic, it's humiliating, painful, both physically and emotionally, and it's an embarrassing procedure. No one has an abortion just "for fun". Any remotely intelligent person will acknowledge that there are two conflicting goals in the case of abortion: the health of the mother and perceived future happiness of the child, and the health of the embryo/blastocyst/whatever/fetus, depending on the stage of pregnancy.

    Most reasonable pro-choicers are of the stance that if you conceived mistakenly, you should have a short amount of time to "cancel" the conception at will, and then after that time only be allowed to do so if you can prove it's a threat to the mother's health. Note that as soon as conception occurs, you get cells starting to split. However, it's really a stretch to define the morning-after pill as abortion, as at that stage you only have a few cells, and you'd never even be able to see the "baby" at that stage.

    If you choose to define the baby's life as starting at the moment the egg is fertilized, that's your choice, but please acknowledge that it's just as arbitrary as me defining it as unnecessary spilling of seed (i.e., male masturbation) being the killing of millions of "potential babies". And please acknowledge that in many cases, it's a decision between bringing an unwanted baby into the world, with accompanying economic/social burden on parents or society (if put up for adoption or foster home) or "killing" a cluster of four cells. And then of course there are cases in which the question is between killing the mother and killing the baby. Surely you can't call the situation black and white in this case? John McCain in the last presidential debate mocked such situations by putting "mothers' health" in air-quotes, which I thought rather inappropriate.

    If it's a "we don't kill on principle" stance, that's valid, but please make sure this is consistent with your stance on the death penalty, wars, hunting, and the like. And keep in mind the situation when it's between the aforementioned unborn baby and the child of an existing family, who has a life, love, friends, and people who will miss her if she dies giving birth to the baby.

    Ultimately, I beg you just to not oversimplify. There are plenty of valid reasons you may not want to vote for Obama, but reducing it to "he kills babies" is immature and just detracts from the real issues. I could just as easily say "John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for another 100 years, and thus wants to kill children of Americans, children of Iraqis, and countless others (all of whom are someone's child) involved in a 100-year war", which would be equally immature, so I refrain from doing so unless I'm making a point.

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far. And thank you Zibri if you choose to let me comment on here.

  12. cristv77:
    that's only a chance to choose!
    So if you are against abortion just don't do it.
    No politician is forcing you.

    I totally agree.
    But I have to say that it's because someone didn't abort that me and Steve Jobs are alive.

  13. pumpkin:
    I have nothing against you personally.
    And constructive criticism is always welcome.

  14. @ Zibri

    Indead you aren't forced to do abortion, but you only have to think how a powerful man like the president can show he's power and say i'm pro. a girl from 19 years old would rather tended to say yes to abortus because her president is pro, i'm sorry but like i said that is really not appropriate for a president from the USA

    @ pumpkin

    "if you conceived mistakenly, you should have a short amount of time to "cancel" the conception at will", i'm sorry again but we don't hold the power to decide over Life and dead, only GOD does, if you do get conceived WITHOUT being married first of all that is VERY WRONG, than you have to accept it and raise the baby as good as possible, it is your own mistake and you have to take responsibility for it, and a president don't have to encourage it, on the contrary he has to fight against that, i still hope John Mccain wins.


  15. I understand your position pumpkin, also notice that I never called Him "murderer" I just said that he will allowed that, be carful when you read, secondly, I'm not taking sides, hey, Mccain has his issues to, even worst, don't we all do, just because they are n the public eye, is that we talk about them, but I'm pretty sure we all have things to hide, and if someone thinks that it doesn't have something to hide, well..., that's the first proven sin, and third, that's just one issue, there are many reasons, I think, and Hillary Clinton also thinks (, that He is not up to the task of leading a country, if you don't want to believe it, that's fine, we can't fight over this, it's just different opinions, as for us, we are here to see Zibri if he could help us with the iPhone, politics?, please, enough said.

    Hey Zibri, just a question, will you, or will you not develop ZiPhone for the 3G?, just a questions, no pressure, no hurries.

    By the way Zibri, thanks for unlocking the other generations of iPhones, it made me feel like I'm not part of an "iPhone elite"

    grazie ed abbia un giorno piacevole, jeje, don't if it was right, I used a translator.


  16. I'm American (from Mexico)

    In my opinion, if someone wants to abort, will do it even though it's against law, so I don't care if Obama is pro abortion, it would help women to pay less and have a better treatment in specialized hospitals.

    If it is aloud, it's your choice, doesn't mean you have to do it!

    Go Obama!

    By the way, I want to buy an Iphone, somebody knows if 3G can be unlocked using Ziphone?

  17. you know. I have republican beliefs on some stuff, but I am still for the way, Zibri, I heard that the new iPod Touch could be jailbroken, but then, the built in speaker wouldn't work. Do you think that your next software could be merged with an old iPod Touch and the new one?

  18. OBAMA WON!!!!!!



    Just for fun.. no offense and no racism at all..

  20. Hey guys. Please take your extremist rantings in another, more appropriate forum. Thank you.

  21. You could have voted if you registered in Chicago, IL. Laws don't matter here. If you have a heartbeat, you can vote. Scratch that, the heartbeat is optional. How do you think our corrupt officals stay in office?

  22. cristv77 and alpaca,

    Sadly if this is the only reason you can think of to not vote for him then hopefully you did the world a favor and didn't vote or even better if you weren't of age to vote. Someone's moral or religious beliefs should not be a topic even bought up during an election. But since it's an issue for you I guess you much rather a woman who is raped give birth to a baby that she will probably look at and remember a horrible time in her life for the rest of her life and hate the product of such crime to the point who knows what she might do (abuse the child, neglect the child, etc). Everyone should be entitled to make their choice in life. No one it taking away your choices in life so why should you take away someone elses. I think people forget that God (or whomever you may worship) is the ultimate judge, jury and executioner not the American people. No one is pro-abortion just pro-choice. Thank goodness the American people did not let such a private matter be a defining factor in choosing for President.


    Thank you for educating the ignorant and sadly mistaken.


    Even though you can't vote I'm glad someone is able to see past their own personal beliefs and focus on issues.

  23. I am so happy Obama won!

  24. Funny, but after traveling through Ireland, England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and finally Estonia during the weeks preceding the election, I found one thing in common. That is, just like their American counterparts, nobody can give me one logical reason to vote for Obama. Or, their reasons sound just like his speeches: platitudes, logical errors, content-less jibberish that speak to the soul with such conviction. Obama's speeches are like "Chicken Soup for the Brainless". But isn't it great that this country has come so far...??? Yeah, I guess to put aside your ability to critically think, believing in theories that has been proven to fail throughout history indicates how far.....we've fallen. The fact that we had to choose between McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden is the real indicator of an uneducated populace and the end of the American Dream.

  25. Historically speaking, a portion of the original settlers here in the USA were religious fanatics who were basically run out of Europe, or just came here to try and create their own religiously controlled society. Two hundred plus years later and they are still trying to tell everyone what to do and how to run our lives. They use issues like abortion to rally the bible-thumpers in the voting booths to only vote for the candidate (republican party) who is most partial to the furthering of the religious propaganda regardless of qualification or intention. That's how the world got stuck with 8 years of bush. It is reassuring to know that at least some of them realized we needed a change and voted the other way as we now have obama as president elect. The problem is that we have blocks of people who believe unabashedly that the Earth is 6000 years old and that mankind walked with the dinosaurs making political decisions and voting. These are the same people who brought America witch hunts preaching about the sanctity of life. Ironic.