Monday, November 3, 2008


Here we are again!
When Steve says something it usually happens...
So what do we have here?
A video.
Yes a stupid nasty video which can crash
ANY iPod/iPhone.
A different version of this video
can even crash many pc applications.
Apple was contacted and a mail
was sent to bugtraq mailing list.
Only a Forbes journalist showed up.
You will read about it on Forbes on monday.
Later that day the video will be posted
here for further "booms"
Clicking on the picture above will bring you on
Clicking on the picture there will crash
your device.
Update: video will be posted in a few days
Forbes video is available on the video bar.


  1. Interesting... I'm guessing it's to do with codec clash?

  2. Thanks Zibri... you do know when Steve says "BOOM!" it normally is because something brilliant or exciting is happening... I read this headline and think maybe, just maybe a ZiPhone unlock for 2.x firmware for 1st generation iPhones has been produced.

    Cheers for the disappointment.

  3. Am I missing something here?

    Does this have any significant affect or possible use? Does it compromise the security of the iPhone or does it literally just crash it, and thats it?

    If so I really can't see what the fuss is about. Perhaps there is more to it but from the details so far it's pretty vague and not particularly exciting.

  4. chronic begs to differ about this "exploit":

  5. Mighty Zibri, just to be sure that you are aware that on someone is saying that he found the exploit, he showed it to you and you copied it.