Saturday, October 25, 2008

I know I'm slow :)

Photo courtesy of rat-man

I'm slow, I know.

Lately all the iPhone scene seems slow.

Even Apple is taking their time.

I'm actually focused on many projects but I'm still keeping an eye

on the iPhone world.

I'm also setting up another site which will host 'hacky' news not only iPhone related.

About 3G I still don't have it and I am happy with my 2G iPhone.


  1. The problem is that we cannot upgrade to version 2.0 without losing service for companies like T-Mobile... maybe I'm wrong but my T-Mobile Sim wouldn't work if I upgraded. The hack is about a lot more things than stealing programs. I cannot use my business network which cannot be accesses on the older OS version on the iphone along with Outlook.

  2. haha take yur time :)

  3. hello zibri,
    forget the 3G. what we need an update on the 2G. I, too, am a happy owner of a 2G. well... almost happy. I'd like to use the AppStore which I can't do unless I upgrade to 2.0.
    All I need is an activation tool...
    I'm sure you have it already ;)

    Thanks in advance.

  4. come one homey wer all waiting on u

  5. hey zibri
    take your time :)
    we all want the next ziphone to be PERFECT, like the previous ones =)

  6. I want to be a FIRST COMMENTATOR, I am waiting :) I am still proud with 2G also :) but I want Apps Store :). Yeah .. you are "snail" Zibri :D

    Liebe GrĂ¼sse aus Swiss

  7. Well Z, I thank you for everything you did for us, but I don't have my iphone anymore, I got the new Google phone (G1), and so far I like it more then the iphone G3 or G2.
    Thanks again.

  8. Hi,

    If not having the 3G is the problem, I'll donate one! :)

  9. I , like many others want to upgrade to 2.1, the problem is I like having it jailbroke just to be able to "customize" the phone! I figure Apple sent you some $$$ so you would put out the persona that it is not even worth it to jailbreak anymore (cause the App store is SOOOO great)...Lots of people "need" an unlock(I'm with AT&T) so they don't lose there service. Sure 3rd party Apps are great , but I would like to use Customize, I love being able to change icons,carrier,status bar,sliders,hud,sounds, App images,loading screens, vWallpaper(my favorite) & so on... your program is the best hands down! The Dev teams crap is no were near your caliber. Please release a new Ziphone, thanks Sonny.

  10. zibri i appreciate your work :)
    i'm just following the iphone hacking scene because it attracts me, meaning i don't own one, but still i care just because of the source code.
    about the 3g: don't you have an unlock or don't you have an 3G iphone? a bit confusing overtherthere.

    just to close: is there anyway i can help you/contribute with that new site you're setting up? (this could even be translating into dutch/turkish)

  11. But what if we want to upgrade to the new firmware (2.1) in our 2G iphone??

    Your ziphone is not only about stealing programs from appstore zibri?? It's about a lot more. Frankly I don't care about appstore but more about getting an upgrade. :(

    Hope you can release your new ziphone asap.

  12. Does it mean that you almost have it for the 2g because i use pwnagetool but it is not very practical :S

  13. Dear,

    Waiting ur Net Result......

  14. You know, I am usually impatient, but now I actually for some reason agree....take your time, and make it as best as possible....just keep posting the news....we cannot miss that!!!!

  15. To the good samaritains: I know there are other solutions out there. Thanks.
    To the DevTeam bitches: I couln't care less about Pwnage.
    Stop sending emails.

  16. I upgraded my 2G iphone 45 days ago using the PWNAGE tool, no problem at all, I can now get all the App from Apple plus many others on several website, I even tested coming back to old version using Ziphone (just in case) and worked like a charm.

  17. Hello,

    I'm all new to this site...What's the difference between the 2.6b and 3.0....I'm on a still on the 1.1.4. I would love to upgrade but is it worth it?

  18. At Bruno:

    Do you use a Mac or a PC? I use a Mac and was considering using PWNAGE but was unsure if I would be able to go back to ZiPhone. My 2G works just fine and I'm on the T-Mobile network but I wish I was able to access the App Store, upgrade to 2.1 and have a few other features that come with the upgrade. Can you or anyone else reading this that has used PWANGE and successfully reverted to ZiPhone on a Mac detail your experience? It would be much appreciated.

  19. Zibri, in a previous post you related unlocking the new OS to "getting free apps from itunes store" while most of us only want a way to activate and unlock a 3G iPhone or a 2.x 2G iPhone. ¿is not posible to do the good thing without doing the bad?