Friday, November 7, 2008

Boom! (Video is here!)

Ok!Time passed.People have been informed.
Now you can click on the above imageand sadly crash any iPod/iPhone.Not funny at all.But it's funny that a media playerdoes "BOOM" with a video, is it?

A longer version of this videowill also crash many pc applications.
The most funny thing ?This video was featured on an iTunes podcasta few months ago...



  1. Finally its a fact... crashing the iphone with the most common media playing on it... amazing!
    What's about your news zibri? Yhe wolrd is waiting your things! When you will impress us again?!
    I hope soon!

  2. Okay, it can crash any iPod/iPhone... All but 2.1 fw ones :/

    (1st post? :D)

  3. Very strange.
    My 2.1 iPod Touch (not jailbroken) does crash immediately.

    As I said I have different versions of this video.

    Other versions crash more and more devices.

    I will post them soon.

  4. Ok I checked it.
    It crashes all the time.
    Maybe it's the server who's hosting it that has some glitches.

    Try to load it again.

  5. Tried once more and... It crashed NICELY!! ;) Thanks Zi.

    A website wrote that this video doesn't crash 2.1 devices. Let's make them shut it up. =)

  6. Ola Zibri
    I was wondering if I was perhaps able to help your 3G cause. I am currently in South Africa where they have just released the 3G iPhone unlocked. I have no idea how, but I'm sure with your help, if you like and you think it might help, I could possibly get my hands on one of these little unlocked puppies and extract the firmware/baseband for you to do some comparison checks. Could this help with an unlock? On the other hand would it be possible to just load an unlocked firmware/baseband onto a locked 3G thus overwriting the locked version and in the process unlocking the phone? This seems too simple but I'm guessing worth the shot. What do you think? Get me via email. If you don't get my address check back with me here and I can supply you details. Let's chat.
    Cheers mate.

  7. Congrats on becoming a father... Glad everyone is doing well.

  8. it doesn't crash my 2.1 jailbroken iphone 3g...

    zibri che fai, mi perdi colpi? :) forse la Apple ha corretto il bug nel fw 2.1?

  9. It crashes ALL devices.
    The server where the video is hosted sometimes have troubles.


    Non perdo colpi... prova piu' volte.. credo dipenda dal server...
    Il video crasha qualunque device.

  10. Hope all is well at home ... haven't seen an update in awhile

  11. No more problems, it's crashing perfectly now. Is there something funnier to do this way? =)

  12. Why does the crash happen? Whats the big deal with a video crashing the phone? E con questo crash, che ci si fa?

  13. I just checked with my iPhone 3G 2.2 and the bug wasn't fixed.

  14. Ciao Zibri!! Congratulazioni per il lieto evento, come stanno mamma e piccino?

  15. Ciao Zi, congratulazioni per il lieto evento!! Tutto ok?

  16. Nevermind, it does work on 2.2

  17. hey zibri
    whats your iphone software running on?

  18. @Charles:
    Believe it or not my own iPhone is still on 1.1.4 :)
    My iPod Touch is updated to the latest firmware and not hacked in any way.
    And my test iPhone.. well.. it changes back and forth continuously :D