Sunday, March 30, 2008

ZiPhone 3.0 Zorro is Back ! :)

Hello there !
Here you have the latest ZiPhone version !
This version has many new features !
Don't forget to read the README.txt and the
As usual it is better to use ziphone on a
restored iPhone, but you can also just
run ziphone -j to add the plugin support.
Now it's up to you all and your fantasy!
Because the plugin system can just do
EVERYTHING you can imagine.
If you think your app or your system mod
should be used by everyone, contact me
and I could include it as a default
in the next release.
Namaste !


  1. i have an ipod touch version 2.0 and was wondering if you had or are developing something to jailbreak it...your ziphone thing worked nicely for me with 1.1.4, oh and for some reason i can't see the download link for windows or the mac.

  2. Dear Zibri,
    First thx for your amazing work on the software cracking iPhone. I would like to know if i wanna fake an IMEI number, should i just click on the button fake IMEI? what number should i type in? is there a pattern that i should follow? another thing is if i wanna restore the original IMEI number, is there a way for me to do so, using Ziphone 3.0? thx a lot!

  3. once again Zibri, thanks once again for the new version its great , you show the dude hows boss.