Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hello There !!! :D

Hello there !

I was browsing the online users and....
I wish to personally say hello to whoever is now
browsing my site from Cupertino!
We could conquer the world, you know?
If you would just listen to me.

By the way, I hereby want everyone to know I am not an enemy.
I love the iPhone, I really like many things Apple did.
I also have maximum respect for what the
"pirates of silicon valley" did in the past.

Steve, Bill, Woz and Paul you made this world a better place.
Expecially you, Steve, you dared to think differently,
but you didn't change that in the last 20 years...

Let me tell you that NOW is the moment to
think different again. Care to listen ?
( If you don't I'll call Bill :P )


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