Sunday, January 27, 2008

Major iPhone breakthru !


  1. it's the 1.1.4 SDK security key

  2. Is there any way to disable the text message pop up on my iphone 3G? so that no one can read them but me.

  3. We steel love the Ziphone!!!!!!!

  4. maximal subliminal

    we're talking about entering in other peoples brain

    greetings from the montauk-project

  5. Zibri, man, You rock. You are the best. I always get bent on my knees for real genius, and you are #1. You are the best! Keep your head up!

  6. Thanx for your time and efforts. Thanx for your cause.
    Thanx by break the corporation chains and thanx for share it with us.

    greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Sos un capo tano.
    No creo que sea todo obra tuya pero la tenes clara con el marketing.

  7. East or west Zibri is the best. We love you brother don't think the no one gives you credit. If you see you have fans all around the world.
    Kindest Regards,

  8. Eehy zibri.
    First i wanted to say i've done, mine and others ipods with your software, on every possible version.. Works great..
    Thnx for it..
    Second :P
    Why dont you guys try it out with the iPhone SDK ?


  9. Hey Zibri !!!

    U Rocks, Without u Iphone would be a brick for those who are not from USA.............

    U r a life saver

    Keep Rocking!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks a TON

  10. Hi Zibri
    I don't know if my post is important cuz I don't know anything abt hacking or programming or genious stuff so many ppl here r discussing. All I know is tht I'm in UAE (where there r no iPhones launched by Apple). Yet I'm posting this message using my iPhone cuz I downloaded Ziphone from ur blogsite n learnt how to use it with the help of video clips u posted showing how to unlock iPhone. I used Ziphone to bring my busted iphone back to life when it crashed after i bought it from a shop.

    For a layman like me this is all tht matters.


    I don't know if this kind of a post is important to u but... I only wanna say one word.....



  11. do you have a unlock for the 3g iphone? the other question is that when i did a itouch and there was some free apps that i was able to install ,i lost them all when i did the 2.02 update and it undid the jailbreak.( screwed up the update process) is there a place that i can find them as i want to install just a certain one on a different phone.

  12. Hello Zibri,
    I just wanted to ask about that key:
    It looked like hex to me first time, but it's not hex, so it's some kind of Apple's ciphers? If it is, can you pleas tell me the name of it? Thanks :)